Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


15. Going home ......... DAISY's P.O.V


"DAISY! HARRY! LOOK HERE!" "ARE  YOU ENGAGED? SHOW US THE RING!" "WHEN ARE YOU HAVING CHILDREN" "ARE YOU JUST FOLLOWING ZAYN AND LOUIS HARRY?" Harry was leading me through Gatwick airport with my sweaty palm tightly intwined with his. "MOVE BACK GIVE THEM SOME SPACE!" Paul was shouting at some photographer from heat world. I tried to desperately suppress my laughter but angry Paul was hilarious! He managed to push a small path through the blinding wall of flashing lights.

"Woah Harry? When did you order all of this? I don't remember ordering something from ......" I searched the parcel for any tell tale signs of the sender I ripped it open to see it. The mint green box, the white ribbon, the renowned black embossed letters. "Harry!Harry! I screeched opening the little box inside sat on the plump signature blue pillow lay the most beautiful bracelet. Hung from the platinum chain were two charms a little buggy and a mini Effie's tower. I grabbed Harry and pulled him in as tightly as I could. We were sat in his mum Anne's living room we didn't fancy heading home we wanted Cheshire air and views on countless trees and hills out of the bedroom window not a busy street full of black cabs and Harvey Nicholas. Robin and Harry had spent all morning trying to construct the buggy with very little success. Anne and I had gone to breakfast at a small bakery where Harry worked and Barbra sat with us telling me about Harry's days as a baker boy. As she got up to leave I whispered to her "don't tell anyone but I'm nearly 4 months pregnant" I told her quietly.................

*my mother told me I should go and get some therapy.....* my phone buzzed away in my hand playing Alive my favourite song off midnight memories. "Hello, Daisy Kensington. Speaking?" I asked perking up from I'm a celeb and walking out the room shutting the door behind me. "Hello Ms Kensington, It's Stella I'm a midwife at Harley streets maternity wing. I was just calling to inform you that our records state you are 4 months pregnant and haven't come on for a scan yet? We would strongly advise you come in to the clinic within the next 72 hours as it's very important to have a scan at 12 weeks and we understand you are 16 weeks pregnant." The midwife told me down the phone sharply but also remaining friendly. "Oh sorry.....I...... Erm........ Sorry it's just been so busy and .......... Well erm...... Me and my fiancé are away at his parents but we could come back to London tomorrow?" I offered trying to sound less flustered than I was. "Okay your appointment will be at 6:45pm come to reception at the marble ward and I will see you then." Stella informed me before clicking off. I looked at my phone in amazement what a rude bitch she was meant to be my vital support system what a rude bitch! Wait till she sees who IM engaged to then she'll be the flustered one. Guaranteed. "Everything alright?" Harry asked as I plonked my Victoria secret clad bum onto the sofa. "By the way dayday Amy finally went home thankfully taken all her smuggled Lilly's with her!" Anne butted in "thanks Anne! Amy was getting so annoying!" I told her pulling a cashmere blanket over me and Harry. "Harry? We have a baby scan tomorrow at 6:45pm? We have to be able to make it or that bitchy midwife will think I really am a knocked up useless teenage excuse for a mother." I ranted allowing the confusing tears to stream down my face as I rested on Harry's chest. "Daisy what is going on? Off course we can make it don't cry. I'm so excited to see our little baby." She told me stroking my hair and now closing eyes. I was about to drop off but Harry and Anne's conversation about him respecting pregnant hormones and her coming to the scan was keeping my brain wide awake.

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