Our Baby Zara (Harry Style's Fanfic)

Harry and Daisy have been together since they were 15 ,Everyone they knew was jealous of their undeniable chemistry. Things had been going well for Harry and Daisy until they make a shocking discovery capable of spectating everything but at 19 are they too young to keep it all together?


10. Breakfast

Harry and I finished in the gym I ran 7 miles in 1:16 which wasn't a great time but I was pregnant so I did have my excuses. I walked back through to the modern oak changing room, I took my bag and walked to the gym foyer to wait for Harry. Harry came out a few minutes later we walked together back to our hotel room. I got straight in the shower while Harry made a few phone calls. I picked up my John Fredia light blonde shampoo and washed me hair. I cleaned my teeth and shaved my legs. I hoped out the luxurious shower into a fluffy white towel. I walked through to the bedroom. Harry was standing looking out the window. "Louis called he said Eleanor wants you to have a final dress fitting of your dress the wedding is in a 3 months so she's exchanged the original dress for a maternity style because you'll be 7 months pregnant also Danielle and Perrie have changed their dresses to match yours Eleanor said she iMessaged you the picture because she wanted you in matching dresses but the other one wasn't maternity or something." Harry explained as I walked in "oh okay, it's a really nice dress goes perfectly with the vintage theme do you want me to show you the picture." I asked walking over to my suitcase to pick something to wear. "Yes I would love to see it and Daisy I have a special day planned so you might want to dress up a bit." Harry told me as I rooted through my Louis Vuitton suitcase. I found my phone and went to iMessage to show Harry the dress. "Here look it's this one I said pointing towards the dress on the screen.


**************************************************************************HARRY'S P.O.V*********************************************************************

I looked at the dress Daisy was showing me it was beautiful. It was long and lacy but shaped perfectly to fit over a baby bump. "It's beautiful I said kissing her check. "Ugh! Harry! Your all sweaty and I'm all clean." She giggled shoving me away. "Okay I'll go and get a shower." I walked off away into the shower leaving Daisy to get sorted. I stared out across the window in the shower thinking about my life from now. I was going to be in Belgium and Sweden when the tour resumed. I know Daisy was at London collage of fashion and trying to get a degree in bridal design so I knew she'd be excited today, today when I took her up the Effiel   tower which I'd already privately hired out, and pulled out the Tiffany ring. A part of me thought shed say yes but then my mind was telling no. We were young we were having a baby and she is only 18 I'm just 19 so what if things didn't work out what if I was away a lot? Too much? Harry! I shouted at myself I knew I was going to over think things and end up either crying or having a panic attack and passing out neither would be good. I took a deep breath a thought calmly preparing a brief list in my head

1. Stop over thinking and making lists get out the bloody shower!

2. Go down to breakfast give Daisy the love baby bottle charm to go on her links bracelet.

3. Get the car to pick us up take to Effiel tower for lunch propose over lunch.

4. A) if Daisy says yes have a huge celebration go for a  walk in the gardens phone our parents etc.

4.B) if Daisy says no don't panic explain you probably asked to soon. And I should've waited I still love her I'm going to be there for the baby continue to enjoy the meal maybe take her shopping in Paris? 

5. Take Daisy shopping to shop for a dress for our first dinner as fiancés! Take her to that shop I believe it's called Isabella Oliver to buy some maternity clothes, go for mid afternoon champagne and strawberries at shamblisinon champagne bar.

6. Return to hotel get changed. Have spa time?

7. Dinner

8. Maybe we could have a little fun when we get back to out room.......;) 


I was now totally satisfied with my plan and I know it would work either way even if Daisy did refuse my marriage proposal I wouldn't love her any less! I stepped out the shower into the fluffy grey dressing gown and walked into the hotel room. Daisy was standing there looking stunning. She was wearing a floor length flowing bright peach coloured dress with diamond embellishments on the shoulders, she had a shuttle pair of glittery jimmy choo sandals under her dress. "Woah! Daisy you look gorgeous babe". I said kissing her lips, she wiped her lipstick off my lips and smiled at me. "Harry I have an appointment in the spa to have my hair curled because you love it so much." She told me as she started packing her phone, lip gloss, tissues,Chanel  sunglasses and Hermes scarf into her tiny glittery jimmy choo clutch that matched her sandals. "It's 9:32 now we can walk down get your hair done then you should be ready for breakfast at 10? I asked putting my wallet and phone in a pile on the bed ready to put in my pocket. I'd quickly gotten dressed whilst I'd been talking to daisy I was wearing Gucci fine sarin woven trousers teamed with a crisp white shirt I wore white converse and a matching suit jacket to the trousers. "Mmh someone looks sexy." Daisy laughed as we walled into the lift from our apartment to the hotel lobby. Daisy walked through to the spa section for them to do her hair and nails. I had nothing to do for 28 minutes so I walked over towards the hotel exit doors I was shocked to see there about 3 fans outside but they didn't even look like fans they walked straight in the hotel and across the lobby into the lift. I guess Paul really did do a good job controlling my location. I smiled and walked towards the hotels desk. "Hello sir how may I be of assistance?" A handsome looking French man asked me her must have been about 18. "Yes hello, I as wondering if I could book a car? I would like a black Merc to pick me and my partner up at 11:15." I told the receptionist in my thick British accent that sounded particularly strange compared to his French accent. " yes certainly sir I'll arrange that immediately, shall I be adding the price to your hotel tab?" The receptionist asked clicking away at his computer and picking up the phone. "Yeah that should be fine. " I said as I placed a €10 tip on the counter. 


I walked around the hotel exploring every bar lounge and corridor in the hotel I was just about to get in the lift and check out the 5th floor when I looked at the time 9:58 I didn't want to be late for Daisy so I pushed the G button and waited to step out at ground floor. I stepped out the lift when it pinged letting me know we were here the doors opened silently and I made my way across the marble lobby to see Daisy sitting down reading Vogue she looked absolutely stunning her mid length blonde hair in loose flossing waves. She didn't notice me till I placed an arm on her shoulder and asked "Dare to join me for Breakfast Miss Kensington?" .........  

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