Body Theft

k, this a kind of rambling and its bad and I know it. It won't get read much, I know, cause I am not publicising it, and I am not wallowing anyway, and there won't be much likes and faves even if it gets read, it is that bad. So if you happen to glance by , make sure it's not after you've just eaten when it's much easier to vomit.


1. There is only one chapter, so let's just call it body theft


there was this day I found the axa Blade


in sophomore's Glade


I tried lifting it Up


With the Cup of my palms


and tried to weigh it


it didn't weigh Shit


it was a perfect Fit


too perfect It


and guess what?

it started Whisperin'


I started Wonderin'


whether my dose of Aspirin'


was kicking In


was I goin' Crazy


the horizon started becomin' Hazy


the whisper was becoming Surreal


I felt sure my skin was gonna Peel


fuck it, the heat was Escalating


like it was a dog I was Matin'


I smelt Blood


like it was some necklace's Stud


I stood there like a crazy ass mother Fucker


like a two-wheeler Hunker


with tattoos up my forearms


nothin' ever giving me the Calms

my stomach started Rumbling


My hands started Trembling


I was getting Franatic


Was I a fuckin' loonatic

I lifted the blade


Brought it down like it was a fucking Spade


it ripped through empty Air


I looked a thrashin' mare


that's when I got an epiphany


the book store beside displayed twilight by stephanie


I looked at my image in the glass


like a monkey with a lass


I stood before it my face contorted


the image inverted


I raised my left


brought it down,

it was body theft


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