Isn't he a dream...

Niall is a dream come true for a seven year old girl that has cancer she has always dreamt of meeting him and she only has a few months left, she said to her mum if you ever meet him tell him i was his number one fan even if it is the last thing you do please she begged please. And the mum gave her a huge hug and said goodnight as if it was the last time she would ever see her...

This is not a true story but a simular thing has happened so I thought I would swap it around! and it shows you to live every day like it was your last!


2. Bad News For Tia...!


One day Tia got some really bad headaches and started feeling really ill. Her mum, after a few days, decided to take her to hospital. They did some tests and she had been diagnosed with cancer but her mum didn't know how to tell her so she didn't  About a month later Tia was struggling to do anything from walking to talking. The doctors had broken the news that she had about 2 years left but Tia's mum Maria didn't believe this so took her back and it turned out that she only had a month or two left. Tia's mum was determend to make it the best month or two of Tia's life.


"Tia...?  What is one thing you would love to do if you only had a month left?"

"Meet Niall Horan mummy" she cheered...


So Maria thought that is what she will do.



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