A time forgotten

A story about love and lose


1. A Time Forgotten

Valentine’s day, a day where couples feel the need to express their love in front of everyone else and it's ok to do so because it valentine’s day. I don't hate the day because I'm a single person surrounded by couples, I have a boyfriend, and I dislike the day because I don't know why it takes a special day for couples to show their love to one another. I suppose I dislike this day because it’s always been me and my mother and February the 14th has just always been an ordinary day to the both of us. A day which she has spent the past 16 years alone.
Harry, my boyfriend, wants us to do something special, he wants to take me out on a romantic date but I told him that's not what I want. I told him that my perfect night is to be with him, cuddled up on a sofa in front of a movie with some snacks and drinks.
I hear a car pull into the drive way and I run down the stairs, put my shoes and jacket on. Just is I put my second arm into the sleeve of my jacket the doorbell rings. I answer the door to a cheeky grin and a curly mop of dark brown hair.
"Are you ready?" Harry asks.
"Yeah" I say and nod at the same time. "Bye mum" I yell into the house.
 Bye darling, have a good night" my mum shouts back. I walk with Harry to his car and then he drives us to his flat.
"I've got your perfect night set out inside" Harry says as he puts his key in the lock and unlocks the door. "After you" Harry says opening the door with his right hand and standing to one side so that I can go in first. I walk through into the lounge to find the table all nicely laid out with all sorts of sweets and treats and a voice of DVDs spread out. I turn around and look up at the gorgeous boy who has done this for me, who has kept it all simple for me.
"Thank you" I smile at him.
"You're welcome, and there are no candles out either" Harry says as he put his arm around my shoulder.
"I'm so lucky to have you" I reply my thanks.
"You can choose what even movie you like, I have hired several from the DVD shop" Harry tells me as we walk into the lounge. I pick up one of the DVD cases and hand it to Harry and then I plop down onto the sofa. Harry puts the disc into the player and then sits down next to me on the sofa. He puts him arm around my shoulders and I edge closer to him and then lean against his body. We sit cuddling on the sofa watching the film, my perfect night in with my boy. We watch several films and stay up chatting in each other’s arms.
"I love you Maddie" Harry says and then he kisses the top of my head.
"I love you too" I say looking up at Harry. I look into his beautiful green eyes and I am lost in them, looking into his eyes makes everything seems so much better and reality disappears.
Later that night Harry takes me back home in his car.
"Thanks for tonight" I say looking across at Harry who driving the car.
"You're welcome, anything for you" Harry says and he slightly turns his head for a few seconds to look at me. We smile at each other, stopped at the red traffic lights although there are no other cars about. The lights turn green and Harry moves forward again.
I hear the screeching of tires and the clashing of cars and then I black out.
As I start to wake from my sleep I hear the voices around me.
"The driver was more than twice over the legal limit" My eyes remain closed but I can tell that it is a woman that says this. Someone breaths out angrily and they are not too far away from me.
"Idiot" It is a man who says this and the voice is near me and I assume it is the same person who breathed out. I slowly open my eyes and find myself looking up at a white ceiling. I gently tilt my head a little and look around; there are pale blue curtains to my left and to my right, the wall ahead of me is white, there are people in white jacket walking around with clipboards and a stethoscope around their necks. The curtains are pulled enough so I can't see anyone to my sides and they can't see me, but I can see the bottoms end of their beds. I am lying in a hospital bed. Once I have taken everything in I realise how much my head hurts and my body aches all over.
"She's waking up" the woman's voice who spoke before speaks again but this time I am able to match her voice with her face. She is a small woman who is wearing one of those white jackets, her glasses folded up and placed inside the top pocket, and her blonde hair is scraped back into a bun. She is looking at me and smiling. In response to her words a young man lifts his head from his hands and looks at me. He breathes a sigh of relief and smiles at me; he has a gorgeous smile and perfect teeth. He has a mop of curly dark brown hair and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. He reaches out to take my right hand which is just resting on the bed. I look from him to the woman standing in front of me.
"Hello, I'm Doctor Reid, how are you feeling?" She asks.
"I..." I start to speak my voice is nothing more than a whisper so I clear my throat. "My whole body aches and my head s pounding" I tell her.
"That's to be expected, you've been involved in a car crash" Doctor Reid informs me.
"Right, but where am I?" I ask. I don't remember a car crash.
"You're in Colchester general hospital" Doctor Reid answers.
"Hey, you're going to be ok" The guy next to me says to me before he turns his head to the Doctor, "she is going to be ok?"
"She should make a full recovery" She replies. I remove my hand from underneath his and he turns it look at me.
"What is it?" He asks.
"I don't want so random guy holding my hand" I tell him.
"What? It's me Harry" He says.
"I'm sorry" I shake my head at him.
"Why does she know who I am?" Harry asks Doctor Reid.
"Can you tell me your full name?" Doctor Reid says.
"Madeline Grace Smallwood” I tell her.
"Do you know why you are here?" She continues to ask me questions.
"A car crash, but that's only because you told me, I don't remember a car crash, I don't even remember getting into a car" I tell her.
"What's the last thing you remember?" She asks me.
"Erm, me and my mum on holiday, we went to Disney land" I tell her.
"That was 4 years ago" Harry says and he gets up from the chair by my bed side and start to walk away.
"Can I see my mum? I want to see my mum" I say and tears start to form in my eyes.
"Of course, she's on her way" Doctor Reid informs be before she walks away. She walks after Harry and she and him start talking. I lean my head back into the pillow and let the tears fall down my cheeks.
I don't know how long it is before my mum turns up but when she does we sit crying in each other’s arms. Doctor Reid tells her about my memory and then walks her away to tell her some other stuff she doesn't want me to hear. I stay in the hospital overnight and then mum takes me back home. I don't do much for the first couple of days, I just lie in bed or on the sofa and watch T.V. Mum shows me pictures of things we have done in the last 4 years to try and jog my memory, like Doctor Reid told her to, but it doesn't work. There are picture is me and Harry together, picture of me, mum and Harry together but I have no memory of these moments. I still don't know who Harry is. After a couple of days I start to feel myself again, physically, and I answer the door to find Harry standing there.
"Hi" He says.
"Hey" I reply. Mum comes down the stairs and stands with me at the door.
"I was thinking you could come over to mine and see if there is anything that might jog your memory?" Harry suggests. I turn around to look at my mum; she nods at me so I decide to go. Harry drives me to his flat and we sit in silence the whole journey. Harry opens the door and lets me go in first.
"Two days ago it was Valentine’s Day and you don't like all the romantic stuff so we just stayed in and watched DVDs" Harry says as he picks up several DVDs from the table in the middle of the floor. I shake my head, I don't remember. "We sat on the sofa and I said I loved you and you said you loved me too" I shake my head again. Harry puts the DVDs back on the table and goes over to a CD case and picks up a photo frame. "Here's me and you last summer at the beach, a group of your friends came and a group and my friends came, we stay there for ages" Harry says, showing me the photo. I shake my head again. "Maybe if you hold it" He says as he holds the frame out for me to take.
"I don't think that is going to help" I say.
"It might, just hold it" He says and she sounds desperate for me to remember.
"I'm sorry I don't remember you or anything that we have done together but if I fell in love with you once then I can fall in love with you again" I say.
"What if you don't, what if you don't fall in love with me and you don't remember anything and then I will be left with the memories of the both of us but you don't remember them" Harry says and the tears fall from his eyes and down his cheeks.
"I want to go home now" I say. Harry takes me home and we sit in silence the whole journey again. When I get home I get all the photo albums out and I look through all the photos in order that they happened until I get to the point where I can't remember. I can't place the photos in order anymore because I don't remember them happening. I look through allow the photos of memories that I don't remember again and again, but I don't remember a thing. I throw the photos and end up sitting in a ball crying.
The next afternoon mum drops me off at Harry's flat. I ring the bell and he answers.
"I was thinking maybe we could get something to eat maybe at the little bakery at the end of Crows street, where we met" I say.
"You remember!" Harry's face lights up.
"No, I'm sorry, but my mum told me and perhaps you can tell me about the other stuff we have done together?" I suggest. Harry looks at me with an unsure look on his face. "I probably won't ever remember the last 4 years of my life but you can tell about them and then we can create some new memories. I can fall in love with you all over again" I say smiling at him. Harry smiles the gorgeous smile I saw in the hospital at me and he nods.
I never regained my memory but now every valentine’s day I celebrate it with my boyfriend Harry and we celebrate it like every other couple: together and romantically.  It has become a special day, a day like no other, a day I hope I never forget.

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