One Direction Imagines

Hiya! I'm just going to write some imagines for you guys! Soooo comment below what lad you want to be with and what your appearance is! Hope you like them!
P.S. I am only doing people who have favorited, so.... yea


8. Random Niall Imagine


“Come on, Niall,” you groaned as you felt his hands grip your waist and attempt to tug you out of the kitchen, “Not tonight.” You were angry that Niall had gotten home three hours later than he had promised, and he had come home tipsy. Not full out drunk, but just intoxicated enough to piss you off and make his judgement cloudy. “C’mon, beautiful,” he slurred, biting at your neck a little too harshly. “Niall!” You jumped a little bit, trying to shrug him off, “Stop it, that hurts.” Niall’s eyes flashed a darker shade, his grip tightened on your waist before shoving you away from him. “FUCK IT, [Y/N],” he suddenly roared, his complexion totally changing into an angry rage, sending chills down your spine. “YOU’RE BEING SUCH A BITCH!” He was yelling at the top of his lungs, turning around and knocking pots full of food off the stove with a resounding cacophony of noise. You shrunk back in fear, burrowing yourself into the corner and starting to cry. There was a few seconds of silence, and you took a shaky breath and turned around, finding Niall sitting on the floor of the kitchen, head in his hands. You decided to take the opportunity to try and retreat, but he stopped you. “[Y/N],” his voice croaked, “Please… please don’t go, angel. I am… I am so sorry.” You stood in the entryway to the kitchen, “You scared me.” Niall stood up slowly, extending a hand out to you, “I know I did. And that was bloody awful, I should never be the man to do that,” he teared up a bit, “Please. Please don’t hate me.” There were a few seconds of silence before you nodded, “I don’t hate you.” Niall moved closer to you, and when you didn’t move back, pulled you into a tight embrace. “I love you,” he murmured out, “Let’s go to bed, yeah?” 

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