One Direction Imagines

Hiya! I'm just going to write some imagines for you guys! Soooo comment below what lad you want to be with and what your appearance is! Hope you like them!
P.S. I am only doing people who have favorited, so.... yea


9. Random Liam Imagine


“I don’t know why we’re arguing about this again…,” you sighed, shoving a few toys away into a bin as you cleaned up. You and Liam were having the age old argument of ‘who worked harder’. You were stuck at home with your seven month old, Aiden, and were most of the time alone with an infant when Liam went on tour. But Liam had to go on tours, work long rehearsal hours, and didn’t necessarily want to get up six times a night with an infant when he finally got into bed. “I just get tired,” you whimpered out, wiping out some tears and shoving the toys away. “TIRED?” Liam suddenly roared, jumping up from the couch, “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON TOUR? GOD, [Y/N], HE NAPS ALL DAY! You’re so fuckin’ lazy.” You pulled back in fear, Liam’s sudden switch in countenance and look in his eyes terrifying you. There were a few moments of purely terrifying silence as Liam’s chest heaved up and down, and you felt the last of your strongholds go down when you heard Aiden crying, woken up by Liam. You let out a little whimper, exhausted, and now afraid of your own husband, and attempted to skirt around him and go get your baby. You jumped a little when you felt a hand on your wrist, turning to see a red-eyed Liam. “My god,” he whispered, his throat hoarse, “I’m the biggest of… the biggest of jackasses. I’m going to go get him, alright?” He pulled you close to him, and you let out a long sigh, feeling the warmth of his chest. “Go to bed,” he murmured, “I’m come in when I’m done with Aiden.”

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