One Direction Imagines

Hiya! I'm just going to write some imagines for you guys! Soooo comment below what lad you want to be with and what your appearance is! Hope you like them!
P.S. I am only doing people who have favorited, so.... yea


10. Random Harry Imagine


“Don’t say it, [Y/N],” Harry’s voice was a low growl, both of you having reached the end of your rope, standing off, staring at each other in the living room. You and Harry had been at each other’s throats for weeks, and with his tour schedule, you hadn’t had any time to reconnect or try and fix your relationship. It had seemingly come to head, finally, and you were in the middle of a massive fight, neither of you knowing how it started or how it ended. You glared at him, your eyes narrowing, and you spat it out, “I hate you.” You didn’t know what happened next, you just felt your back hit the wall and you found Harry’s face a mere inch from yours. His eyes were narrowed into practically slits, dark with anger, his entire face red and his muscles twitching. “WHAT THE HELL DID I SAY?” He was yelling at the top of his voice, barely an inch from you. You turned your face from him, shaking and you slid down the wall, a desperate attempt to get away from him. You quickly tucked yourself into your knees, your back shaking and your head burrowed into your arms. You heard angry, storming footsteps, then the slam of a door that seemed to shake the house. After a few moments of silence, you quickly picked yourself up and ran to the bedroom, ducking into bed, crying yourself to sleep. A few hours later, you woke up and stirred when you felt the mattress dip under weight. “[Y/N]?” Harry’s rough voice murmured, his large hand tracing your back, “I’m so, so sorry, baby. I should’ve never have scared you… Please…” You turned around to face him, your eyes red and still a little shaky. Harry held one arm up, beckoning you to his chest with a hopeful look on his face. You practically dived into his embrace, both of you knowing the relationship would work as long as you both wanted it to.

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