One Direction Imagines

Hiya! I'm just going to write some imagines for you guys! Soooo comment below what lad you want to be with and what your appearance is! Hope you like them!
P.S. I am only doing people who have favorited, so.... yea


6. Imagine for NinjaLeprechan


"Hey! That's my bag!" You shout as you walk over to a man who was holding your suitcase. "Oh sorry love!" You hear the person say. When you finally take your eyes off your bag you notice you are standing in front of THE Louis William Tomlinson!  "So.." He looks at your bag tag trying to find out your name "Ayu! How are you?" He said grinning from ear to ear. "I'm good, I just have to catch a cab home and you?" He was about to reply when a large figure appeared behind you. "Paul not now!" He wined, you couldn't help but giggle at his childishness. "Louis we're leaving in 5" Paul said, then disappeared "Anyway I best be going.." You said while turning around. "Wait, can I have your number?" He asked, blushing a bit. You gladly gave it to him and walked off  pleased that your mum made you go to your cousins for the week.

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