One Direction Imagines

Hiya! I'm just going to write some imagines for you guys! Soooo comment below what lad you want to be with and what your appearance is! Hope you like them!
P.S. I am only doing people who have favorited, so.... yea


5. Imagine for lovebugagain


You are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your boyfriend, Harry. Your phone beeped showing that you got a text from Harry 'Hey babe we need to talk when I get back..' You unlocked the screen and replied with a simple 'Ok'.

"Laura! I'm back!" Harry's voice echoed around the house. You quickly ran up to him, embracing him in a hug. "I missed you so much" You whispered into his shoulder. "That's what I need to talk to you about.." He said releasing himself from your grip. "You might want to sit down.." You did as he said and sat on the couch facing opposite him. "W-when I was on tour I-I-I.." He started but soon stopped short. "You what?" You asked in a caring, but curious tone. Icheatedonyou.." He mumbled trying to make sure  you didn't hear, but you heard everything. Tears started to well up in your eyes "Get out!" You said trying to stop the tears. "I'm sorr-" "If you were sorry you wouldn't have done it!" You cut him off, on the verge of yelling. "Laura it won-" "GET.OUT!" You yelled, pushing him out the door. Once you locked the door you slid down to the floor. How could he do this? After 3 years! Dose he think this is some kind of joke?  

After you calmed yourself down you walked into the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. You were shocked to find Harry standing there with a guilty expression. "Before you start I just want to say it was a mistake.." You stormed up to him and slapped him. "Why Harry?" "I don't know" He quietly replied holding his face. "Just leave please.."  You sighed. "Butt I live here too" "Fine then I'll leave." You said storming out of the room. "Wait!" You felt a soft hand grab your wrist "Let go of me!" You spat at him. "I-I only did it to sh-" "To show what? If I wasn't good enough in bed? If I wasn't pretty enough? What, Harry?" You said as tears stained your face. "To show myself that I can't live without you.."

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