I'm having Harry styles baby

This book is about a innocent girl name Allison she is 20 and about to turn 21 her best friend kaitlyn can't wait to take her to a new restaurant now Allison is a huge fan of 1D and she has been dying to go to one of their concerts and meeting them she has a major crush on Harry styles an Is dying to meet him that's all I will say


8. You seem nice



Harrys Pov 




      I downed my drink in one gulp Alisson:"haha hey who ah there tiger!" Me:"what? I can handle alcohol" Alisson:"sure you can" she rolled her eyes and chuckled I smiled and gently bit my lip Alisson:"your not what I expected you to be you know that?" Me:"no I don't haha and is that a good thing or bad thing?" I asked a little nervous hoping she didnt notice that but she did damnit Alisson:"hell yes" she took a sip of her drink she noticed me staring and winked at me I smiled and blushed a little Alisson:"I saw that you followed me on twitter" me:"haha yeah I did and I saw that you were already following me" she smiled Alisson:"you stalker!" She playfully hit my arm knowing I read all her tweets and looked at everyone that followed her or she was following I laughed Me:"your very pretty." Alisson:"we'll thank you, Tiger" I liked when she called me that I found it really sexy for some reason she went to calm to nervous and stiff and was looking at the door I looked at where she was looking and saw a guy who looked extremely pissed I slowly looked at her and she gulped and whispered "my ex boyfriend..." I knew I was in deep shit by the way she said that I signaled my body guards not wanting to fight I'm not a wimp I just didnt want him to ruin our night Me:"there better?" I asked her Alisson:"million times better" she calmed down and was back to her normal state i  smiled and she smiled back I gave her a peck on the cheek and she blushed and beileve me she looked really sexy when she blushed

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