I'm having Harry styles baby

This book is about a innocent girl name Allison she is 20 and about to turn 21 her best friend kaitlyn can't wait to take her to a new restaurant now Allison is a huge fan of 1D and she has been dying to go to one of their concerts and meeting them she has a major crush on Harry styles an Is dying to meet him that's all I will say


2. Party time

I woke up unsure of what today would bring me but I was excited and I couldn't wait to let loose tonight I've been so stressed lately and just couldn't wait to have fun I heard a knock on the door "come in" I said the door flew open and Katlyn came in screaming excitedly Katlyn:"OMG I HEARD 1D's in town!!" I started to freak out "OMG REALLY?!" I didn't relize that I got out of bed I started jumping while holding Katlyns hands we both jumped an spinner in circles "I'm gonna go get ready!" I said as I shewed her out of my room I wanted to have se fun tonight and let loose and I might have a chance of seeing one direction! If Ido ill die I swear! I ran to my closet and picked out a cute outfit I decided on a cute pink summer dress that stopped just below the knee I put on some black heels and started to brush my teeth,fix my hair,and put on some light make up because I didn't really need any I decided on putting my hair in a cute loose braid that sat on my right shoulder I then looked in the mirror pleased with myself I was gonna have an amazing night I could just see it I grabbed my phone and checked twitter I tweeted that I was gonna go party tonight to seconds later Harry styles posted "haha hot hopefully ill see you! ;)" omg I am basiclly fanning myself Harry styles said something to me I am melting! He's right maybe I might see him I decided to act like I didn't see he put that and tweeted " gonna go to this new restaurant/bar named 'kisses' its gonna be epic can't wait to party with my BFF Katlyn btw I had an amazing birthday party on Febuary 1st it was so fun! Best night of my life maybe" about a minute later he commented on it "wow! We have the same birthday! Awesome! What did you do? And I'm in London since your going to kisses ill be there and hopefully ill see you!" I died I kicky responded "I went to a club danced and had a few drinks then I went to a movie and went to see warm bodies then we went to the mall and started shopping and talked to a few cute guys there haha what did you do?" ALOT of people where retweeting and saying "what a lucky girl" and "why her? I'm better!" I didn't mind them though I was to busy being happy he then tweeted me "haha awesome you single? And I just partyed with a stripper haha but I wish she was you" omg I'm dead but I kept my cool "yes I'm single and 19 haha I love how we have the same birthdays and are the same age it fun when this sort of thing happens" he tweeted me again saying "haha yeah it is and I'm glad your single but your mine and your not gonna flirt with any guys haha jk but when I see tonight I'm gonna be really disappointed if I see you talking to a guy haha see you tonight babe ;)" okay ummm did Harry Styles make plans on seeing and meeting me tonight?! Omg I'm basiclly dead came back to life then died again but I didn't look like it because I was the greatest on hiding my emotions and no matter how excited I was I could talk to you easy! I'm so gonna rock tonight! Haha I knocked on Katlyns door and she was dressed she was wearing skinny jeans a blue tangtop and little sweater in top it was simple but cute I quickly showed her the convo with Harry Styles and she was freaking! Haha now this is gonna be the best night of my life!

Harry's P.O.V

I was in London and I was exicted but I didn't know why I quickly logged on twitter and seen this very beautiful girl she looked around my age she just tweeted something "I'm going to part tonight" I commented on that tweet "haha hot hopefully ill see you" I guess she didn't see it because she didnt reply an she tweeted "I'm going to this new resturant/bar in London named Kisses" basiclly after that we started talking I was exicted and I seriously wanted to meet this girl if I didn't I would die it would kill me everyday because I would see her in twitter all the time I followed her an she was already my follower I guess she liked one direction but she didn't show it I let it pass and quickly got ready with a smile on my face I picked out jeans sneakers and a which t shirt and put a black hoodie on top I fixed my hair then brushed my teeth I got my phone and wallet and put them both in my pocket I opened my door and told the boys my plans and about the girl I showed then what she looked like and Niall was drooling haha he wanted her and it wasnt hard to see everyone wanted her but tonight she was mine all mine and I was determined to make her mine like a relationship I didn't care I wanted her in my life so badly i felt like dying I told the boy to get dressed and they did she was going at 9:30 pm couldn't wait because it was 8:30 pm only one hour away! Every minute feels like hours I was nervous and I couldn't wait any longer I decided to play some video games and by the time I was done playing to was 9:15 we decided to go now because by the time we get there it would be 9:25 so sure enough we arrived at 9:25 my heart was racing and a million things were running in my mind I almost died of excitement when I saw here she had Blonde hair and blue eyes she was beautiful just like her picture I began to walk toward her and she was smiling at me I was smiling also i saw her with a girl must have been her friend i walked up to her snd she didnt freak out which was weird because all the girls automaticly freak out hmm well lets see how this plays out
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