I'm having Harry styles baby

This book is about a innocent girl name Allison she is 20 and about to turn 21 her best friend kaitlyn can't wait to take her to a new restaurant now Allison is a huge fan of 1D and she has been dying to go to one of their concerts and meeting them she has a major crush on Harry styles an Is dying to meet him that's all I will say


7. I'm not really a big fan...sorry

Alison's P.o.v

I was gently tapping the table while waiting for my drink I then heard screaming and gasping and smiled knowing who it was I turned to look at the door and sure enough it was Harry Styles...wait...there was more...OMG I JUST DIED INSIDE...It's the rest of 1D this is amazing! Louis winked at me..hmm wonder what that means Harry gently waved at me and I waved back he sat down next to me and started to speak "are you Allison from twitter?" He said in his soft british accent "why yes I am" I smiled and so did he then he began to speak again "do you drink?" I looked confused but then relized my drink arrived "I don't this is my first time" he laughed a little "you do know that sex on the beach is not for beginners right Allison?" I smiled and took a sip of my Acholic drink "yes I do and I can handle it look a pro" he silently laughed "yes you can but wait until tonight when you puke your guts out" he laughed and so did I he was amazing and handsome...I smiled knowing that this would probably the best night of my life
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