I'm having Harry styles baby

This book is about a innocent girl name Allison she is 20 and about to turn 21 her best friend kaitlyn can't wait to take her to a new restaurant now Allison is a huge fan of 1D and she has been dying to go to one of their concerts and meeting them she has a major crush on Harry styles an Is dying to meet him that's all I will say


3. Authors note:

Hey guys Taylor here thanks for all the favorites and positive feedback! Ok so Niall needs a girlfriend! So email me an application and I would like if these following things were in the application: 1. name 2. Personality 3. What you do with your free time 4. What you look like and possibly a picture but don't worry I don't post or show anything of yours just your name so you will know who's the winner so here's my email: Sweetheart9177@gmail.com Goodluck! :)


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