I'm having Harry styles baby

This book is about a innocent girl name Allison she is 20 and about to turn 21 her best friend kaitlyn can't wait to take her to a new restaurant now Allison is a huge fan of 1D and she has been dying to go to one of their concerts and meeting them she has a major crush on Harry styles an Is dying to meet him that's all I will say


6. and the winner is...

hey guys i recently posted that i was going to put one lucky winner to  be nialls girlfriend and it was very hard but i asked my bff to help me choose and i told her o say who she wanted so did i on 3 and we both picked the same lucky girl and before i announce the winner i just want wo say you were all ama-zayn so the winner is MARY HOLDEN!!!! CONGRATS ill be posting soon love u all!


Taylor xoxo

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