harry styles love story

This story is going to be about ya 18 year old girl named Savannah who go's to the united kingdom(uk) for the weekend and ran into the boy's. and instantly falls for Harry.


2. The answer.

I was speechless. In my mide i was say yes! But on the out side i thought to my self i dont know. I was standing there for a while before he asked if i was ok? I quickly answer saying yes. you smiled saying i know this is soon but i need you. I smiled and said you are so cheesy. he laughed as he came close and was about to kiss me then my father walked down seeing me and him standing there. My dad yelled have some respect! What the hell are you doing here so late! I looked at my father and said stop yelling! He just asked me to be his wife. I stuttered to say. he looks at my and his mouth drops. and yells again saying "you think you can just come here and take my baby girl away!" as he walks up and takes the ring and throws it as far as he could. and says go fetch well pushing him out of the house and slamming the door on his face. I stared to cry and i ran up to my bed room. 3 minutes latter my dad walks in. Hun are you in here? says my father. i stand up and yell FUCK YOU DAD I HATE YOU. As i brake down crying he walks up to me and says you are gowned!  i look at him and say no. He come's up to come and kicks me as hard as he could. It knocked the wind out of me. Then he said you still tuff huh! I look up at him and say you are still a pussy dad you are ways will be! he walks back up to me so close and tell me to say sorry. I yell NO right to his face. you punches me down and tells me to get back up. i yell i like it on the ground while smiling. he pulls me up and punches my in the face giving me a black eye. i remembered mom was home so i stared to scream mom help! he covers my mother and knocked me out i was out of about 1 hour. i got up and i felt so much pain. i was black and blue when i got up. I remembered harry was here so i went looking for him. i looked for about 3 hours it was day light out and i passed out at a park. when i opened my eyes i was in the hospital. i looked around and saw harry crying. I said what happen and he jumped up and yell who did this to you! i look to my left and saw my dad. i yelled get him away from me and harry said what did i do! I answer not you. him My father said me? I answer with yes you! You did this to me! Harry looked up at him and said how could you. the police came in and said "is she awake yet?" i looked over and said yes im awake. there answer ok we need to ask you some questions. i said sure go ahead. They asked me do you remember who did this to you as my dad stared to panic he yell i have to go to the bath room I yell don't let him go! He did this to me! he did it GET HIM! he yelled and said ill kill you and almost stabbed me with one of the tools on the table beside me then the police garbed him just in time. after that i fell asleep. i woke up an hour latter with all the stuff off me. when i woke the said you are ready to go home or ware ever your off to. i looked over and saw harry i jumped in to his arms! He told me i got a house just an hour away from here move in with me? This is all going so fast. he stoped smiled then i said but what ever! i will. as he dipped me and said look what i found. It was the ring!! he put it on my finger. I said how did you find it! he answer with your dad doesn't have a good  throw as he smiled. I looked up at him and kissed him then he brings my back up and we look around and there's so much girls screaming HARRY STYLES OMG! we look around and smile. we start running then he picks me up and keeps runing. We get to the car as he slowly puts me in.and smiles then we start driving. 1 hour latter i wake up and see harry saying we are here. As he picks me up and caries me into the house. As soon as we got into the house i began to kiss him. its soon turned in to making out. He started to feel me up then soon enough he pushed me on to the bed then got on top of me and goes to lift up my top. i smile and he asks me me if i wanted this. I look at him and say as much as i want it can we please wait untell we are married. He looks at me and smiled and answer saying of course baby im not forcing anything on you. As he lays beside me and we stared to talk. he's asked when do you want to get married? I reply with as soon as possibly. He asked is tom ok? i look at him and say really?  he says if you are ready then smiles. I answer with yes yes yes yes! i cant wait then i noticed what will i ware. he looks at me and says i got you cover baby dont worry. i smiled then soon enough i fell asleep. i woke up to harry on top up me saying wake up beautiful i was shocked so i screamed. then stared to laugh. I pushed him off well saying good morning. As he replied with i just sent out all the invites. i smiled and said how much people can come and he said half! i smiled then he got up. when her came back he throw a wedding dress at me it was beautiful! I asked if this was the one i was getting married in? he answer with yes. i scream and when to try it on when i came out he was sitting on the bed in a fancy out fit. He came up to me and picked me up and asked if i was ready? i smiled and said yes. Then he  touch me out to the car. and put me in when we got there. there was about 1 thousand people there. we went up to the alter then my uncle Jerry came up to me  and walked me up to the alter. when i got up the i stared to cry in happiness. I look in to the crowed and see my mother smiling at me. then the preset began to speak. " do you Harry Styles take Savannah Miller to love and to hole through rich or  poor. "I do!" said harry. do you Savannah Miller take Harry Styles to love and to hole through rich or poor I-I-I as i looked around and saw my dad! i yell "i do!" then kissed him. i looked back out to the crowed the harry saw him to he picked me up and said why is he here? i answer with i don't know i didn't invite him! he starts to run down the red carpet. Saying thanks for you all coming but we have to go now! and put me in the car and stared to drive.  i said ware are we going? any ware away from him he makes me sick. Then he quickly said our hunny moon! i said yay! then we drove for 2-3 hours when we got there i didint know ware we were. then i noticed it was beautiful and a beach house! he asked if i wanted to go swimming i said sure and smiled. he picked me up and caryed me to the back yard. then he stared to undress. i stared untell he looked at me then i stared to undress as well i touch  of my top then my pants. leaving my bra and under ware on. he also left him under ware on. i smiled then he picked he up and cared me into the water . I kissed him the it soon turned into making out. He stared to bring me up on to land. Then i whispered  into his ear in ready. Then he touch me in to the house and set me down on the bed.i told him it was my fist time so i didin't know what i was doing. he said He'll lead the way 

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