harry styles love story

This story is going to be about ya 18 year old girl named Savannah who go's to the united kingdom(uk) for the weekend and ran into the boy's. and instantly falls for Harry.


1. My Birthday.

I woke up at 7 am! I was so tired but today was my birthday. As soon as i was ready i ran down stares to see my mother and my father sitting at the kitchen table.  I walked up to them and they said happy birthday day sweetie! I just smiled while they handed me an envelop. I opened it up to see a ticket saying air Canada. i noticed it was a air plane ticket i looked farther  down on the ticket to find out were i was going! it said fight to the united kingdom  i looked up at mother and said you didn't have to as she cut me of you deserve this! you have worked so hard all year long. you flight leave 5 am ! now go get packed my mother said. when i got up stares to my bed room i wonder what am i going to do there? and i thought maybe jenny could come. jenny is my best friend she dus every thing with me! so i called her. When she picked up she sounded really tired then i remembered it was 7:40 in the morning! she asked why i was calling so early i told her about my tickets then she said oh my gosh i hope you have fun then i asked her to come with me. She screamed in joy! and said ill book me some tickets right way then hung up. as soon as i notice she hung up i looked down at my phone and shut off the screen. about 20 minutes latter Jenny called back and said i can only get tickets for February 14. i told her to get them anyways you can meet me down there.  pulse its only and 2 days of a wait i leave February 12.  she said OK i wanna get my clothes washed and packed for the trip! as she hung up again! i put my phone on my bed then began to pack by the time i was done every thing it was 10 pm. So i when to bed. i woke up to my mother yelling get up its time To go! i got up and quickly did my hair and got dressed. as soon as i was ready i garbed my bags and ran down stairs were my mother was waited at the door saying come on lets go! I followed her out to the car. I put my bag in the trunk of the care the slammed the top shut. as she yelled be careful! i answer with sorry then i jumped in  the car and we were on our way! it was a 3 hour drive so i tired to sleep on the way all the bumps in the road kept waking me up. So i up my head phones on and put on the song kiss you by One direction. i love that song its the best on the album. i shut my eyes and finely fell asleep. when i open my eyes my mother was standing in front of me saying get up sweetie we are here. i got up and undid my seat belt.  then jumped out of the car and got my bag. when we walked in to the air port we get my bags checked and by the time that was done it was time for me to bored. my mother smiled and said good bye sweetie i hoped you have a good trip i look up at her and smiled and said thanks the walked over to the ticket check as soon as they scanned my ticket i walked over to the plain and found my seet. i sat down then noticed the was a little boy sitting beside me. i look over at time and said hello, whats your name? When he looked back at me he said none of you dizziness in a very rude tone! i just didn't reply and put my head phones in and by 3 minutes i was asleep when i woe up know one was on the plain and the fight person was right beside me saying we are here. i quickly told him i was sorry! he answer with its all good then i got up and left the plain.  i got my bag then left the air port i  touch a taxi to my hotel i checked my self in the when't up to my room  i was on the very top! so i went to my window and looked at the view it was amazing. Then a minute latter my mother called she asked how the flight was i answer it was good. she said i don't wanna keep you go look around. I answer with OK bye mother i love you. then she hung up. i when do to the lobby and noticed jenny was texting me. she asked how the weather was. i answer kinda cold but warm as well. she quickly replied saying she missed me all ready. i tried to answer but then i bumped into Someone. As i looked up i noticed something about this boy. then i took a good look at him i noticed the it was Niall Horan!  I quickly said i was sorry. he replied with no its my fault  i looked up and smiled at him then we stared to talk i told jenny i had to go then me and Niall were walking and we go to know each other. he said i was very nice and funny. i answer with thanks you to! he smiled. then it stared to rain really heavily. he said his hotel was just around the corner would you like t come over? i smiled and said sure. we walked over to his hotel and when we got in the lobby  i said "wow" this place looks amazing he smiled and said wait till you see the room then brought me to the elevation  when we were up to the door of the room he opened it and when i saw in side. i was amazing i walked in and saw the boy they all said hello and who might you be? i said hello, my name is Savannah  its nice to meet you guys. when i was looking at the boys i notice harry was staring at me with a slight smile. i walked over and sat beside him. he smiled at me and moved closer. then all the boys started to talk to me by the time the convo was don't it was 12 am! i said oh my gosh its latte! i should get going as i stowed up. Louis said no! you cant go you make us all laugh when we need it. Liam added in super nice to! i smiled and said i need to take a shower and i have nothing to sleep in. harry say you have use some of my clothing. And Zayn said and you can take a shower here! i smiled and said aha OK fine ill stay. then i asked Zayn to show me were the towels are you got up and said follow me. he grabbed me a towel the told me ware the bath room was. right before i got undressed harry knocked on the door he told me when i was done to could to his room. i smiled and said ok. then he left i closed the door and got undressed the turned on the water  15 minutes latter i was done and got out i dried off and when to Harrys room. when i walked him he was sitting on his bed on his phone. when he notices i was standing there he said come in! i smiled and walked in. i sat on the end of the bed then he said i looked beautiful sitting at the end of the bed. i smiled and said thanks your not to bad your self. he laughed then toled me to come sit up with him. i moved to over by him. as he touch out his phone and put it on camera. he was about to take to pic then he turned his head and kissed me on the cheack! then took the photo. he asked him he could post it. i said yes then he posted it to his twitter. i looked at him then i said you a good kisser well as far as my cheack know's. he smiled and said thanks. then looked me in the eyes and told me i look even beautiful up close. i smiled and said thanks. as he stared to put him face closer to mine i noticed he was going in for a kiss! our lips barley touched then Louis walked in. He smiled and said time for dinner you to. i looked a harry he said sorry. And i answer with i wanted it as much as you did. You look at me and smiled as i walked out of the room asking if he was coming. He smiled at me and said yes ill be there. then i walked out to the kitchen table and all the boys were staring at me. i asked whats wrong  they all just smiled and looked away. as Louis put down a peace of pizza in front of me and said here you go. I smiled and said thanks. as soon as i touch i bight harry walked out and said sorry i'm here now. then Louis put down a peace of pizza for him to. as soon as we were done eating it was 2 am so we all headed of to bed. me and harry were up talking like all night! in the morning i was so tired but i looked at my phone and i saw jenny texted me 1 minute ago saying call em so i did then she said i got tickets for February 13!! i said oh my gosh really? she said yes no ware is your hotel she asked. i told her i was int in my hotel right now i told the boys who she was in town and harry said ill go pick her up if you'll like i said thanks. i told her i was on my way! she said aha ok. when we got there she noticed who was driving the care she said oh my g-g-gosh are you harry styles? he said yes, yes i am. he asked him they would like to come back to the hotel there she said yes! then we were on our way! when we got the she saw all the boys. Niall came up to her and said hello as he stuttered. jenny smiled and say hia. by the time we were all done talking it was time for bed. Jenny went with Niall i went with harry. at 12 i went to check on jenny i waked in the room and jenny was cuddling with Niall! i thought awe! then when back to Harrys room he asked if every thing thing was ok in there? i said yes there so cute! they were snuggling!! he smiled and said awe! Then i came and laid down he shut off the light and said good night beautiful. i said good night. as he came closer and began to holed me i smiled and fell asleep. in the morning i woke up with harry still holding me! i woke up and said good morning. he said good morning right back to me.i span around so my face was so close to his. then he went in for a kiss. Then jenny walked in and he got upset. and said why dus this always happen? i asked what happened  every time i go to kiss you something happens. i smiled and and grabbed him face then i kisses him. his lips were so soft and his kiss was so gental. then he asked him i wanted to go to dinner with him? i smiled and said yes. then we all went to go get breastfed. by the time we were done eating i look over and see jenny kissing Niall. you can tell he love's her just by the way he holed her i said to harry. as he put is arm around me. i stared to laugh and smile. then we stat down on the couch. with the rest of the boys and jenny. we all sat around talking. for about 5 minuets then we all went to our rooms. i fell asleep and by the time i woke up it was time to go to dinner with harry.i got up and did my hair the walked out looking for harry he was standing at the door saying are you coming. i answered with yes. we walked out to the parking lot and there was a limo and harry said there's our ride. i looked at him and smiled then i got in the limo. as soon as we were there we got an amazing table it was all privet! i looked up at him and said you didn't have to he said yes you diverse this! as he pulled out a char for me to sit on then he sat right across from me.we talked and talked and talked then ate then talked some more tell the place was closing down. at the end of the night i told him how i'm leaving tomorrow he said what!! no you cant! i will miss you! please stay! i answer with i would love to but that's the only ticket i could get for the way back. he said oh in a very upset voice. when we got home Jenny was telling the news to Niall  he was not happy me and harry when strait to his room. he was very mad! he went right to bed when i woke up it was time for me to go and he was still asleep. so i left Louis drove me to the air port he said me and Jenny will be missed! then gave us all the boys numbers. then we went in the air port i got my bags check and we were on our way i was very upset i had to go. then all of a sudden i herd a voice yelling my name i look behind me and all i see is harry running to me as soon as he came up to me he picked me up and span me around. he lened his head in and kissed me. and told me he loved me. my mouth drop and i stared to cry. he asked whats wrong and i said i love you to. and he continued to kiss me. when it anownsed my plain. i said good bye baby. i love you then he stared to cry saying i don't what to lose you. i'm so sorry  i said then went to my ticket check. he was in tiers when i left and so was I. I just lost the love of my life i said. when I was back in town all I could think about is harry and how much she missed him. she stared in her room the entire day but then a 3 am there was a knock on the door so she went down to answer it. she opened the door and Harry was there down on one knee holding a ring saying i cant take life with out you baby. then he asked "Will you marry me?" 

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