This one is for my one and only..... Mrs Fofo Styles! One of the best people in the world, she has always been there for me ad i couldnt be any happier. This a story about Hazza and her... ah, romantic....<3


2. Don't Wanna Go Home

I explained everything to her. I probably looked like a mess.

"When are you gonna talk to him?!" I looked at her in shock.

"I can't go back! I can't well, not for tomorrow anyways."

"You can crash at mine if you want, well you have, you have nowhere except the streets" I chuckled then nodded slowly.

"I didn't trust him anyway, he was the flirtiest in the group." her voice was angry again.

"I'll tell John I'm going home early, I'll be right back." She left through the back door. I walked around the store and looked at my phone. 3 missed calls from Harry, 24 from all the boys, he doesn't love me, the boys care more. No. I cant cry again. I resisted the urge to cry. It was 11:23.

Anthea ran through the door with her bag and her uniform, she was now in normal clothes. The hooked her arm with mine and we headed to the train station. 

We arrived at her apartment and crashed immediately. She grabbed extra clothes I leave here for emergencies and gave them to me to change in. I walked in the guest room and slept immediately.

 - - - - -

I woke up suddenly realising what happened yesterday. I wanted to forget everything that happened. I walked into the kitchen raiding the fridge. I found a note attached to the door:

Hey babe, I really wanna be there for you but I can't, since I left early yesterday night I have to work for 2 hours at the store, leave whenever you want but call me.

Anthea xxx

PS. Your clothes are in the top drawer in the guest room. If I were you, go visit the boys.

I quickly got dressed in a simple sweater and jeggings and brushed my teeth. I put on my boots and left the apartment, locking it with my spare key. I called Louis.

*Beep, beep be-*

"FELICITY! Bloody hell where are you?! We visited last night to take out for midnight bowling but you werent there!"

"Jesus Lou, calm your farm. I was at An's"

"Harry didnt seem worried at all. He just left this morning. I hope you dont mind, we kinda all crashed in your living room." The sound of Harry's name made me feel depressed.

"Nah, it's ok, can you pick me up? I'm at the cafe. I dont have any money for a cab." I said with fake happiness.

"Sure. We'll be there in 5, Bye"

"Bye." I hung up instantly as I dropped down on a chair in the cafe. I broke down in tears. I really loved Harry, and I still do. But he doesn't love me an I dont think i can live with that. I texted Anthea telling her I left and took her advice and is visiting the boys. I pressed my fingers down on the table practising my piano. Playing the piano was the way I could be close to my thoughts. It made me concentrate. I heard a car horn.

"FELICITY! Get your bloody, fat ass in da car!" People were giving Lou weird looks as they passed. I quickly wiped my eyes. They can't see me like this. I didn't want them worrying. I giggled and climbed in the back and plopped myself in between Niall and  Liam. I quietly thanked the lord Harry wasnt here. Oh what the hell am I thinking? Of course he wouldnt be here!

"Have you been crying Felicity?" Niall's voice filled the air. I stayed silent while the boys stared at me expectantly. I looked down.

"Well? What happened?" I had to lie, or if they knew, the band would be in a huge fight that couldn't be fixed. Harry promised to not break me. Well, too late.

"My, uh, Grandpa died." I stumbled. They all gasped except for Liam.

"I dont want to be rude, but your Grandpa died 4 years ago." He looked guilty. The boys looked at me again. I really couldnt help it, I started crying again. Niall immediately hugged me and tried to calm me down. The boys sat there oblivious of what to do. They decided to ignore the situation and i silently appreciated it.

"Let's take you home." Lou said quietly. My head shot up nearly hitting Niall in the face.

"No, I can't please  take me anywhere then home." They were confused but listened. We soon arrived at Lou's place and went our separate ways. 

"Lou, can I-"

"Sure, go ahead." I smiled willingly. Lou knew me like a girl who memorized her freckles. I walked across the hall to the music room he had. I sat at the grand piano and placed my hand on the keys.

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