This one is for my one and only..... Mrs Fofo Styles! One of the best people in the world, she has always been there for me ad i couldnt be any happier. This a story about Hazza and her... ah, romantic....<3


1. Drifting

I love Harry, I really do. I would do anything for him. I'm sure that he would do the same for me, maybe.

He was a great boyfriend, the best ever until a few days ago. He started leaving the house without a goodbye or kiss, coming back home at 10:00 or later. I wonder what he has been doing lately. I quickly wiped the table and put the dishes in the sink, I dont care, he can wash them. Every night I ate dinner alone, no one to talk to. Except for that one night the boys (except for Harry) came over to keep me company and movie night. I plopped myself on the couch and turned on the tv, nothing interesting was on so I decided to go with MTV Music channel.

I woke to the sound of the door closing and Harry's deep voice.

"Yea babe. Yea" What?! Harry called no one that but me!

".... me....tomorrow...blah blah" was all i could hear through the phone. I pretended to be asleep and breath heavily, I'm a good actor?! What of it?!

"Ok, tomorrow? K. Got it. Bye!" he shut his phone and felt it being thrown beside me on the couch. Then the bedroom door close. I opened my eyes and rubbed them. Was he cheating on me?! I wasnt so sure. I looked down on his phone.

No, I shouldnt, it's rude.

But maybe... I cant.

I looked at his phone. I picked it up, it smelt like his cologne. I half-smiled at the smell. I turned it on and put in the password: fel+haz. I was having second thoughts. I couldn't just go through his stuff. It's rude, but then again... I scrolled though his recents. 2 calls from Niall, 3 from Lou, 1 from Liam and 12 from someone named Veronica. I looked at the past messages. They were just flirtatious jokes. My heart drop a mile. But one caught my eye:

You are so hot Haz, last hight at the hotel was great. ;)

My heart dropped 10000 more miles. He is cheating on me. I broke into tears. I threw the phone back beside me. I didnt know what to do. I wanted to talk to someone but I had no one. I grabbed my phone and jacket and threw open the door. I waited from that annoying ding from the elevator. My tears were still streaming down. How could he do that?! I thought he loved me. I didnt want to come home until tomorrow morning after he leaves, i didnt want to see his face. I decided to go back to Australia tomorrow. I ran to the nearest convience store and walked in. 


"Anthea!" I ran over to the counter. Anthea was my best friend since forever. She looked at my face with sad and angry eyes. She grabbed a few tissues beside her and shoved them in my hands.


"....sob... Harry" She slamed her bottled coke down, she is scary when mad. She pulled me into a hug as i dabbed at my eyes with tissues.

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