Is that normal?

This story is about a girl named Klya. While she is at the Olympics competing in artistic gymnastics she meets one directions Niall horan, thinking he is the most adorable guy in the world, she gains the courage to ask him out only for him to reject her. But as time went on she kept on asking, and asking, and asking. Until he finally said yes. What will happen when she gets pregnant with his baby? Will he leave her or Stay with her til' the end?


2. Breaking Beam.... And foot

As I said before my name is Kyla.

I was on the beam just about to do my dis mount just until my foot slipped and I broke my ankle and was not able to train for 4 months. But that was after I met him. The love of my life. He and I connected like, like a zipper on both sides. But I realized I didn't need gymnastics. I needed him nothing else. Until Kelsey came. She was our world. Our air. Our reason to be alive. Our child. Any who, here's the flash back.
------------------------------ At the Olympics

OK I can do this, I thought to my self. It's just a double pike, it's just a double pike. But that is anything but what happened. Instead of smiling because of my usual stuck landing, my foot slipped and I came tumbling of the beam breaking my ankle.
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