London Snowfall

Noelle Wynters. Part time model, part time fashion design college student at Oxford University just trying to figure out what she's doing with her life. Just an average girl who happens to be in love with her best friend, Harry Styles.

One thing leads to another and soon enough they find themselves in a friends with benefits situation.

Noelle thought life was going pretty good until she's assigned a job she never would have dreamed of.

Wedding planner to none other than her best friend with benefits, and her arch enemy.


2. London Photoshoots



Four Years Earlier

“Will someone please bring me my water?” Aubrey shooed away the intern that was applying the finishing touches to her makeup. She wiped delicately under her eyelid, careful not to screw up her fresh mascara. If I know Aubrey, there is one thing she absolutely cannot stand, and that is cakey mascara.

“Can someone get me one too?” I asked.

It was an average day in London except that it was close to 90 degrees in the middle of May. We were having an unexpected heat wave for the past four days and I was wondering just when it was going to end.

“Did Brad ever text you?” Aubrey asked, turning to me as I rolled my eyes.

“No, I told you he ended it and I told him that he can go and f—”

“Here’s your water Ms. Wynters.” Kevin, our manager came and personally handed me my drink and I smiled at him.

“Hey, where’s—”

“I’ll be right with you,” he turned towards Aubrey and I could tell by her face that she was resisting the urge to flip him off.

“Well that’s incredibly douche bag of him,” Aubrey inputted, referring to the former conversation. I laughed. I wondered if she knew that Brad and I had been over for about two months but neither of us said anything about the matter. She didn’t even bother to ask, she was too consumed in her own glamorous life to really care about mine. She occasionally included me in it, I mean after all I was her best friend but while she was trying to get into every modeling agency possible, I was juggling modeling and college. And not just any college.

Oxford University.

I was studying to be a lawyer but I could never tell Aubrey that. To her, being a lawyer was one of those boring, tired out, get a mom haircut gigs and if she ever thought of me as something like that I doubt I’d be able to live down our friendship. Hell, I think attending just about any college was too boring and dull for a girl like Aubrey, minus the occasional frat and sorority parties. This of course, would be the only reason she would ever even consider university.

“How did it happen, anyway?” Suddenly, Aubrey’s voice was snapping me out of my apparent daydream. As I looked over to her, in an attempt to swoosh my blonde bangs out of my face without having to manually do it I noticed that she was clutching her water bottle in her left hand. Wow had I seriously just gone off to another world for God knows how long that I didn’t even notice Kevin coming back here?

“What?” I asked, clearly still disoriented from my little lapse.

“With Brad, did he at least do it in person?” Aubrey leaned in closer, as if what we were saying was highly confidential information. Which it was nothing of the sort.

“If you count a video he sent me of himself over text message as ‘in person’ then sure.”

Aubrey gave me her best sympathetic look. I could tell she was trying so hard to act like she cared, but I knew she really didn’t. It was okay, though. That’s how it always has been and I guess I just don’t mind because I know how to handle myself.

“Oh, honey,” she reached over and tugged my bangs behind my ear, completely destroying my previous attempts for the past five minutes. I silently thanked her. “Forget him. Tonight, I’m taking you out.

“You are?” I asked. This was the first time she’s offered to do something for someone other than herself in well, a very long time. Who knew it would take a breakup that happened over sixty days ago that would make her finally start caring.

“Totally. This new club just opened up and it’s right around the corner from our building. We are getting laid tonight if it kills us.”

I let out a few scattered chuckles. Aubrey may have had a lot of things going against her, but I could never deny the fact that she could always make me die laughing. 

But that was the other thing about Aubrey. Ever since her first real big relationship ended, she has refused to fully put herself out there again. So she just has these flings. “Hooking up with people is way easier than divulging yourself into this huge commitment,” were her exact words. To me, it just seemed like she was ‘divulging’ herself into get about 90 STDs instead.

“Whatever you say.” I twisted the cap off of my Poland Springs and gingerly sipped. As I looked up, Kevin appeared in front of the both of us, almost scaring the water out of my mouth.

“Girls, you’re on in five minutes.”

We nodded at him as he scurried off to the next group of girls. For some reason, Kevin had always reminded me of a squirrel just scuttling up a tree. He had the eyes for it, definitely. Maybe the nose too.

“So what even is this?” I asked, confused. Aubrey had taken me here on a whim as a last minute gig for us and she didn’t even bother to tell me what the pictures being taken were for. All I knew was wake up, hardly eat breakfast, and rush out the door with her. Before I knew it I was getting all dolled up for a photo shoot that I didn’t even know existed three hours ago.

“Noelle, are you stupid? We’re doing a photo-shoot with One Direction. Didn’t I tell you that?” Her eyes had changed from that familiar cerulean colour to an icy grey. I could tell she was just as annoyed with me as I was with her at the moment.

“No, you never managed to say that on the hour ride over here,” I said, clearing my throat. I didn’t know what she was playing at, but I just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. I had my registered crime class in less than two hours.

“Well, I’m going first and then you’re on. Make sure you fix yourself up for a quick touchup before you go out there. You won’t want the hot British boys thinking you’re ugly, now will you?” Aubrey glanced over her shoulder at me as she pranced off to get her picture taken. Sometimes, it felt like that was the only thing she was good at.

But still, I turned around and got a good look at myself in the mirror. I saw a girl with poofed up hair like Snooki, and soft golden curls cascading down my shoulders. The pink vintage sweater they were making me wear in this heat was almost unbearable. I had to resist the urge to rip it off as I cascaded down the cobblestone road. If there was one thing modeling had taught me to do, was walk anywhere and everywhere in six inch heels and still look fabulous.

Before I knew it, it was my turn. I saw Aubrey walk off into the changing tent, probably to strip herself of the black camisole she had on. I didn’t blame her; I didn’t even know how I wasn’t sweating already.

Soon enough, Kevin came out of nowhere like he always manages to and motioned for me to come this way. I walked towards him and noticed one cube that was meant for me to stand on? I assumed that’s what it was there for, so I just took a step up on it and of course, I was already being yelled at for it. I sighed.

“No, no, no!” Kevin came over; more like rushed over, and escorted me off of the cube as if I was stupid enough to not be able to do it myself. “What are you doing?”

“Um, standing?” I said, resisting the urge to laugh. Sometimes I was sassy but hey, who ever said being nice got you anywhere?

“No, no. That is for Harry Styles only.”

“Who?” I asked, oblivious. Half the time I didn’t even know what Kevin was trying to tell me and in most cases I would just shake it off and pretend to do everything he asked me so that I wouldn’t get further questioned, but today for some reason I was feeling rather talkative and . . . curious. Besides, who the hell has a cube designated just for them? This guy must be a real big-shot.

Kevin didn’t even answer me. Quite frankly, I think he tried to ignore me and shrieked as if I had just said that I killed somebody. And of course, within the blink of an eye he was gone again, running to fetch God knows what.

Why had Aubrey’s shoot been so short? While I was just standing here waiting for these boys to arrive like I had nothing better to do with my life. Well, I mean, I didn’t but still. I could be doing nothing in perfectly nice air conditioned vicinities.

When I turned around, I noticed Kevin in the distance walking with about five other boys. I couldn’t make it out particularly, due to the fact that I am completely blind and forgot to put my contacts in this morning. When they finally came into focus, I noticed that they looked next to miserable. I mean, I would too if I had to take pictures with ten models in heat like this.

As they approached, I noticed a mosquito on my leg and debated for a good second whether or not I should slap it. Deciding on impulse, I smacked it hard and noticed the blood from the insect pouring out. Ew. Bad idea, Noelle, bad idea.

“Okay, so Harry we’re going to have you stand on here like so . . . mhm, Niall get next to Louis over here, and Zayn could you get next to Harry please? Let’s make this quick we have eight more girls to get through, boys, and it looks like a thunderstorm is underway.”

I glanced up and got a good look at them. The boy who was supposedly Harry stood up on the pedestal and right as his eyes met mine, I knew why it was reserved for him only.

He had the warmest green eyes, the most charming smile I’ve ever seen in my whole life, just the right amount of volume in his luscious curls, and—

“Um, are you going to get over here or what?”

Jeez, um, manners much? I guess it’s just all fun and games until they open their mouths. 

“Excuse me?” I asked, turning the bitch mode on.

“Are you going to get over here and do this stupid photo-shoot now or what?”

I could see the blonde one nudging his arm whispering “Harry,” in a scolding tone.

“I’ll get over there when I’m ready pretty boy. You’re on my turf now.” Wow I really was not taking any bullshit from anybody today. I liked this. Feisty, Noelle, feisty. I turned up my nose and took out my phone while I was at it. I wondered how badly I could annoy these boys without getting myself fired. Hmm. Sounded like a challenge, almost.

“Oh really? Kellin. Kellin!” he called, like a moron. Even though he got his name totally wrong, there Kevin was, answering to him like he was Jesus reincarnated or something.

“Nice try, it’s Ke-vin, idiot. And he answers to me. Isn’t that right Kevin?” I turned to him and I could tell the nervous look was wiped right off of his face. He looked so pissed that it almost seemed as if he was going to burn the tent Aubrey was in just for the hell of it.

“Get up there. Now.” He sounded so furious that steam should be coming out of his ears. And it’s not like he even yelled at me, it was that . . . that creepy whisper that was so firm it sounded almost reprimanding. To be quite honest, a shiver ran up my spine so I decided it was best to do as I was told. Unfortunately, much to the pleasure of Harry.

I walked up to the boys and stood in front of Harry, right where my red ‘x’ tape mark was. The way photographers treated the models was as if they were some type of dog that had to obey every single order. Every command that was given, ‘turn here, no smiling, don’t squint, don’t frown, suck in your stomach, look happy but not too happy, do 87 cartwheels just for our own amusement.” It was like a mad house here. But it was all I’ve ever known since sophomore year in high school.

I didn’t really know how close I was standing in front of him until I attempted to lean back and accidentally bumped into his upper abdomen. “He answers to you, huh? Don’t be such a drama queen,” Harry whispered in my ear, getting so close to me that it was enough to send chills down my back and get a whiff of his spearmint flavoured gum.

I squinted my eyes, as though that would remove all the anger from my body just waiting to unleash. “Shut up or else I’ll elbow you in the balls, dipshit.”

“Ooh. We’re playing hard to get, I see? Listen Drama Queen, I can play hard to get too,” he whispered again, licking his lips in one swift movement. I caught a tiny glimpse of his pink tongue. What was that supposed to even mean?

I gulped as Kevin returned, standing behind the camera. “Okay, we ready? Good.” Before any of us had a second to blink, Kevin started snapping away and I struck up my best poses for him as much as I wanted to get the hell out of there.

Click. Click. Click.

The photo shoot seemed to fly by, until Kevin announced that he was taking the final shot so “make it last.” I arched my back and placed a hand to my head, dramatizing that I felt faint from the overwhelming feeling of meeting One Direction or something. I don’t know, it seemed like a good thing to do. I lifted one leg off the ground and bent it for effect. I pursed my lips when suddenly I felt my weight being lifted off the ground. Without thinking, I let out a yelp and looked down to see a familiar “Things I Can’t” tattoo on the wrist.


Trying to remain professional, I continued with the pose I was originally intending for until Kevin yelled, “NEXT.”

I turned to Harry; he was still holding me with a smug look on that face of his. “Ahem,” I hinted for him to put me down but instead he did the exact opposite. “Let me down!” I tried again, this time with more force. He began staring deeply into my eyes and I absently returned the favor. For a moment there, I found myself becoming lost in his emerald gaze and I actually forgot where we were or who we are.

That is until he fucking let go of his grip on my legs, causing me to drop right on the ground. Thank God those blue mats that the photographers always covered the area of the shoot with were there to break my fall; otherwise I would have probably broken something.

“Oh, that is what you wanted right?” he said, sounding all cocky and full of himself. That stupid recurring smirk of his returned again, almost looking like a deranged crooked smile. I could’ve sworn I heard a chuckle come out of him too.

“I hate you,” I spat at him, feeling so small especially since my butt was still planted in the mat on the ground. When I looked up at him it felt like he was seven feet taller than I was. He towered over me until he bent down and leaned in close to my face.

“You love me.”

And with that, he walked away, taking a bite of the banana that he had requested earlier. I noticed that with the swing in his step, and the way he turned around and winked, this would not be the last time I would be seeing him.

I fucking hate Harry Styles. I hate him.


Sorry the upload took so long! I hope you enjoyed it, I have much more in store for you all the story is just getting started. Drop me a comment and tell me what you all think. xx.


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