London Snowfall

Noelle Wynters. Part time model, part time fashion design college student at Oxford University just trying to figure out what she's doing with her life. Just an average girl who happens to be in love with her best friend, Harry Styles.

One thing leads to another and soon enough they find themselves in a friends with benefits situation.

Noelle thought life was going pretty good until she's assigned a job she never would have dreamed of.

Wedding planner to none other than her best friend with benefits, and her arch enemy.


1. Prologue




London Snowfall


“We’re all very excited, really. It’s a big step that we can’t wait to take.”

There he goes again. Flashing his perfect smile with his perfect white teeth. Running a breathtakingly large hand through his awfully gorgeous hair. It’s just not fair. It should be illegal for a man to be this attractive and flaunt it in front of my face when he knows I can’t have him.

I just wanted to know what the announcement was so I could flee the hell away from here and get drunk.

“It’s a big step we’re willing to take ooh!” I muttered in a mocking voice, as I sulked over to Aubrey, drink firmly in my hand. I had a half filled glass of champagne since that was all this joint was allowing anybody to have. Why, I don’t know, he just picks the dumbest places to have a large get together. “I’m bored,” I whined, looking over to Aubrey.

“You’re always bored,” she retorted, sipping the last of her drink.

“Well you put that away fast,” I commented, snickering, trying to savor the liquid that became much more interesting in my hand.

“He’s boring us all, I wish he’d just get on with it,” she complained and I sympathized with her. I nodded, what did he have to say this time? The band is going to China for a year? There’s another album out already? Or maybe better yet, he’s finally broken up with that snotty, rich, skinny, gorgeous gold-digger?

“You and me both, sister. But we all know how slow he talks, unfortunately,” I laughed, leaning my back against the table. She looked over to me with her big, green eyes and smirked.

“And we all know how much you would love that slow, raspy voice calling your name out during hot, nasty sex.”

“Aubrey!” I smacked her arm playfully, huffing out of my nose multiple times. I looked around the room to make sure nobody was eavesdropping in on this . . . exclusive conversation. Innocent turned into inappropriate, much like the majority of conversations I have. It’s a blessing and a curse, I think.

“It’s true isn’t it?” she laughed, turning to place her empty glass on the table that was covered with what looked like a very expensive white silk tablecloth. Jeez, they really went all out tonight. It almost makes me wish I didn’t show up in a beanie, leather jacket and old ripped jeans. Almost.

“Yes but you have to admit, he would be a fantastic fuck,” I leaned in closer to her, emphasizing the ‘fantastic.’ Because my God, have you seen that man workout shirtless? His upper arm strength alone is enough to get me going I don’t even need to talk about him getting shirtless. I looked over to him anxiously. He was still rambling on about something I couldn’t even care about. But I could get so lost in the sound of his voice, it was unreal. The way it was smooth talking and rough and low and just so relaxed it made me want to let myself go and  . . .

“You would know.”

And just like that, Aubrey interrupts me from my thoughts. In a way I’m glad she did because if that didn’t end soon I’d probably start spazzing on the floor right then and there and that wouldn’t have gone down very well.

“As much as you like to think that, for the final time we did not have sex,” I confirmed, raising my glass to my lips.

“You wish,” she scoffed, turning her attention back to Harry at the front of the room. She was right, I did wish. I wished very, very much.

But it was just a wish that would never come true.

I copied her actions and stared at the boy before us. We had situated ourselves in the back so that if it was anything bad we could make a speedy run for it and finally go get some real drinks. I stared at him, long and hard, as he went on about a variety of things I have heard many times before. “Thank you for all your support, I love you all so much, I have big news, blah, blah, blah.”

I groaned; this was torture.

“Well, I guess what I’m trying to get at is . . .” Finally, yes come on Styles, get on with it.

He took a deep breath as I took a longingly deserved sip of champagne.

“Millie and I are getting married!”

And that’s when my drink went from collectively inside my mouth to flying across the room. And to make matters worse, some of it went down the complete wrong pipe, giving me a tickle feeling, making me choke. My cough came out obnoxiously loud as I tried to regain consciousness of my breathing, as Aubrey came over and feverishly slapped my back a number of times. As my surroundings were becoming a bit blurry, I could tell I was gathering more attention than I wanted. Uh-oh.

“Are you all right?” Aubrey whispered as I straightened up my back, swallowing finally. I took a couple deep breaths as I looked over to her, I’m sure my eyes were stained bloodshot.

I nodded a few times as she helped me regain balance. “Didn’t see that one coming,” she muttered.

“No shit,” I whispered back as I smoothed the outline of my jacket. I stared at the carpeted floor as the realization hit me. He was getting married.

And it wasn’t to me.

I felt my heart sink into my stomach as a wave of dizziness rushed through me. And I didn’t know if it was because of the drink or the announcement.

I turned to Aubrey and tried to make serious small talk with her since I desperately needed to get my mind off of everything but all she was doing was making me feel ten times worse. Of course, it didn’t help at all that I noticed Harry was coming my way . . . oh God.

He had the sliest little smirk on his face as he flipped his hair to his right and looked up from the ground. Almost instantly, his green orbs made contact with my blue ones and I could feel the awkward in the air as I took a deep breath.

“Hey stranger,” he greeted me as he lightly punched my arm. I cringed at the nickname he gave me.

“Hey big-shot, how’s Mill-Mill?” I teased. I couldn’t help it. I had to get my disgruntled feelings out somehow and I thought it would be solved if I made fun of the situation. Humor was one of my many gateways.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. Um, can I talk to you?” He glanced over at Aubrey and then shifted his eyes back over to me. “Alone?”

I could have just told him that we could talk right here since Aubrey is a careless little human being, but that would probably imply that I’m afraid to be alone with him. Which I am but you know, I can’t let him know that.

“Y-yeah!” Oh God, I sounded like a little second grader girl who was way too excited for her first day of school. Terrific.

He started walking me out to the exit, but before he could I leaned behind me to grab my drink delicately since I knew I would need a deep intake of alcohol for whatever he was about to lay on me.

As we descended the room and found ourselves out in the foyer of this joint. It was so nice and fancy and flowery and gorgeous and perfect. I could never afford to rent a place like this out. But I guess when you’re Harry Styles life is pretty damn easy.

As the door slammed shut behind us and I jumped. Not so much that the noise scared me, but the thought that we were actually just two people alone with each other. The last time this happened, things did not go down too well . . .

We were far away from everybody but not far enough that we couldn’t hear the faint playing of elegant piano and violin through the old walls. He looked up at me and smiled. The air was almost screaming awkward.

I can’t say the faint white noise of the violins being played in the distance didn’t calm me down though. It was a nice melody, definitely slowed down my blood pressure. I bet it could even cause a serial killer to change his ways. Okay that was a little extreme, but you catch what I’m saying.

I pressed my body up against the wall. As I looked at Harry dead straight across from me it suddenly felt like the walls were caving in and there wasn’t enough room for either of us unless we were pinned against each other. Oh God, was I sweating?

“So, are you guys gonna jump the broom?”

He started laughing hysterically as he slapped his knee for effect. Was it something I said or . . . oh shit. Wait a minute. Jumping the broom was an African American tradition.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I resisted the urge to bang my head against the wall repeatedly when he finished his little laughing fit. “Yeah,” he said, taking a breath to calm down. “Can’t believe I’m finally tying the knot.”

Uh, finally? You’ve been dating for seven months, genius. I watched him as he raised his glass of beer to his lips. He took a delicate sip, not once removing his eyes from mine.

“Yeah, uh . . . neither can I,” I tried my best to fake some enthusiasm. But who was I kidding? Everyone in this room and their grandmother knew that this whole arrangement was basically the equivalent to ripping out my heart and serving it on a silver platter.

Everyone but him.

“I have something to tell you.”

Oh my. He gave me an innocent little smolder. It made me begin to wonder why he even brought me out here in the first place. I was beginning to wonder why I even decided to come here in general. I mean, Harry and I were best friends. But I wouldn’t go around giving us a friendship award, either. It was complicated.

He stared at me in a way that wasn’t uncomfortable but friendly. It reminded me why we got on so well in the first place. I knew this look. He wanted something from me. He raised an eyebrow as he spoke. “Listen, I have something important to ask you.”

I sighed. “All right, shoot.” Nothing that he was going to ask me could ever be as bad as what was already revealed tonight, so I figured I’d just put all the cards on the table.

But, just like I had been for the duration of the night, I was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

“Millie and I discussed it and . . .” Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. nothing good ever comes out of a sentence starter like that. “We’ve decided that . . .” he paused and took my hand in his. With his breathtaking, bright, jade gems he stared into my soul. He leaned in close to me and for a moment I could have sworn he was going to kiss me. Those lips were just so plump and pink and all things perfect.

“What’s best for us right now is . . .” he trailed off again, causing me to slump more against the wall. My face was now level with where his arm was barricaded against the wall. “I guess what I’m trying to say is,”

“Spit it out, Styles.”

“I want you to be our wedding planner, Noelle.”

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