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Brooklyn Magic Payne is Liams 1-year-younger sister. She used to be a goodie-two-shoes. Great grades, great attitude, loved by everyone..... Well the grades haven't changed. Liam hasn't seen his little sister in two years. After begging his parents, they finally agree to let Brooke go with his band, One Direction, on tour. With The Wanted. Lets get one thing straight- Max, Nathan, Harry, Louis and Niall all fancy her. But who will get the girl? What will happen when Liam finds out that his parents have been lying to him about her for 2 whole years? And what happens when he finds out what she's been up to at night *hint* her nickname has alot to do with it :)
( yeah its like Louis, I changed get over it, but for me that went into things a bit too fast. i'm gonna take it slow. Basically that means its gonna take longer for her to change, please read, favourite and like. and please tell others about me!!) ps: it does NOT go into ahem details.... if u know what i mean....


3. The Phone call, the flight and the shock


Liams pov

"mum pleaseeeee?! I havent seen her in two years! Just one tour! she'd love it!"

" fine, but when you see her..... just, dont blame your father and i okay?"

" what? anyway her flight is tonightatmidnight, okay? byeee"

I quickly hung up. I wonder what she meant about me blaming her or something...

Brooklyns pov

I decided to go out clubbing today with my best friends Mattie and Ryan. As soon as i got home i ran to my bedroom, had a shower and started looking around for a suitable outfit. I finally found one that was perfect. It was a Black boob tube that had those cross things at the back. It clung to my body and showed off all of my curves. Now thats what i'm talking about. I paired it off with my black Jimmy Choos and purse. Then i did my makeup- Bright red lipstick with black smokey eyes. I straightened my hair and gave a once-over in the mirror. I'm satisfied. I walked down the stairs to the front door, only to be held back by held back by my dear mother.

' Brooklyn you can't go out tonight." She stated

i was shocked, " and why not?" i bit back.

" your brother called and you're to go to the airport at 9 pm, 2 hours. You need to pack."

I sighed, " fine... but as soon as a pack , i am leaving to the club. Even if its only for an hour."

i ran back upstairs to my bedroom, hauled my suitcase onto my bed, and began throwing everything i have in it. After half an hour, i had 4 suitcases packed and ready to go. I hauled them downstairs, grabbed a carrot from the fridge and left for the club. When i got there, i checked the time. 1 hour to have fun. Bring it on.

*40 minutes later*

I was tipsy and snogging every guy i danced with. Suddenly my phone ringed for my alarm, SHIT! i need to get to the airport now! I gave a little wave as a bye to Ryan and Mattie, but they were too busy sucking the faces of one-another to give a shit so i'll just text them instead. I walked outside and hailed a taxi home, then i shoved all my suitcases in, grabbed all my money and allowed the taxii driver to drive me to the airport. Li's friends better be cute.


*4 hours later*

so four and a half hours later i am in the plane on my way to london, munching on a carrot and sipping a cuppa tea that i got from starbucks. In one more hour i will be with my big-shot brother Liam and his nerdy bandmates. I'm still in by clubbing outfit, earning a few looks from the other passengers, so i got up, grabbed my make-up kit and walked off to the bathroom. My hair would propably be a mess right now. I locked the door and looked at myself in the mirror. Yep, i was right, I straightened my hair a bit and brushed the ends. Then i re-applied my make up.

" Attention, ladies and gentlemen,, we are landing at Heathrow Airport, please put your seatbelts on."

I sighed and trudged back to my seat, doing as the annoying lady insisted. As i sat i noticed a little beeping light on my phone, that means i have got  text. I opened it up, it was from mum.

From Mother:

Brooklyn. Here is the address to your brothers friends house. You will meet him there and then in the morning you will all start his band and some other bands tour. Best behavour child. (ADDRESS)


I rolled my eyes and got off the plane. Why couldn't that lazy fatass come pick me up? I hauled all four of my suitcases to the Cab waiting area. Just my luck, the last one went. Now im stuck here for another ten minutes and its cold!!

I pulled out my phone when someone beeped his/her car horn. I looked up and there before me stood a cab. YES! I ran towards it and stuffed my luggage in the boot, then i took a seat at the back, payed the driver and gave him the address. i sat back as he drove me to Liams friends place. I hope we go clubbing tonight. Or at least drink. Alot.


Liam's pov


" so you all know the rules? " i verified them.

"yup, don't allow her to drink more than one glass if we go out" harry said

" and no funny stuff," louis stated.

" wait so no pranks? Or no flirting and stuff?" Tom (from the wanted) asked.

" both-"

" but you said that she isnt into guys and stuff, does that mean she's lesbo or that she just doesnt like them?" Max intervened (from the wanted)

" she is not a lesbian! she just.... well i dont know. The last time i saw her, she was getting bullied. Mum told me that all stopped now but she also told me that she just isnt interested in anyone. Boys or girls. Apparently she hasnt even had her first kiss yet." i answered

" WHAT?!" They all shouted.

" yeh and about the pranks... well i think she is still a little fragile from the bullying and stuff."

They all understood me and nodded. After what seemed like forever, the doorbell rang. I was to caught up with the fact of seeing Maggie again that i didnt really care who it was.

" COME IN THE DOORS OPEN!" i yelled.

After about 5 minutes i heard someone come into the room. I looked at the boys, their mouths were all open. They were staring at something behind me, or someone....

" LI, YOU FATASS! I'm supposed to be the guest and this is how you treat me? making me come here with 4 bloody suitcases and then not even bothering to answer the door?"

i spun round and what i saw was quite unexpected.

A tall red-head, in a full out clubbing outfit. With a pissed off expression on her face. My sister, Brooklyn Magic Payne.

" M-M-Maggie?" i asked.

" well duh! who do you think i am? Brad Pitt?" she replied, sassiness in her voice

the boys laughed and i shot them a death glare.

" what? why? how? phewww, why are you dressed like"- i gulped-" that?" i gestured to her outfit.

" becuase, i was meant to go clubbing tonight with my mates. i was hoping to go there for at least 5 hours, get smashed and uhh well, help a guy into bed, if ya know what i mean," she winked. Causing probably all the single guys in the room to smirk.

" yo-you've changed," i pointed out, hurt deep in my voice.

" its been two years, Liam, of course i've changed. Now since i am unfortunately not going clubbing. I am going to grab some clothes, get changed and then you guys,"-she gestured to all the other lads-" are going to find me some beer cause i am seriously pissed off right now!"

and with that she grabbed a carry-on bag and marched upstairs.

I turned around to the lads. Zayn finally broke the silence.

" we're gonna need some new rules," he gestured to Max, Harry, Nathan, Louis and Niall who were all gazing to where she was before.

" yeh," i found my voice, " alot of them"


Could this really be my sweet and innocent sister? What happened? All i know is that this is gonna be a longgg 6 weeks. And now i have Max, Nathan, Louis, Niall and Harry to deal with too. God knows whats gonna happen...


Max, Nathan, Harry, Niall, Louis pov

That girl is MINE!

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