I don't really give a *CENSORED*

Brooklyn Magic Payne is Liams 1-year-younger sister. She used to be a goodie-two-shoes. Great grades, great attitude, loved by everyone..... Well the grades haven't changed. Liam hasn't seen his little sister in two years. After begging his parents, they finally agree to let Brooke go with his band, One Direction, on tour. With The Wanted. Lets get one thing straight- Max, Nathan, Harry, Louis and Niall all fancy her. But who will get the girl? What will happen when Liam finds out that his parents have been lying to him about her for 2 whole years? And what happens when he finds out what she's been up to at night *hint* her nickname has alot to do with it :)
( yeah its like Louis, I changed get over it, but for me that went into things a bit too fast. i'm gonna take it slow. Basically that means its gonna take longer for her to change, please read, favourite and like. and please tell others about me!!) ps: it does NOT go into ahem details.... if u know what i mean....


5. Movie Night in meh Hulk PJ's, EPIC!


Nathans pov

It was the third scary movie for the night and as i watched Jay playing with Brooklyns hair, i must admit that i got a bot jealous. I know he doesnt like her in that way but....

I stopped looking at her and focused on the movie. It was Scream, i think. I did a quick once over around the room. Max kept glancing at Brooklyn too and Niall, Louis and Harry were glancing at her too. Shit, i have competition.

Brooklyn kept munching on her carrot, hypnotised by the screen. Suddenly her phone rang with the ringtone 3D by JLS  (love that song heheh). She sprung up and grabbed it from the corner table. She walked straight outside the room. After about five minutes i shrugged it off and focused on the movie. 10 more minutes later she walked back in with a solemn expression on her face. She stopped in front of the TV. We all grumbled, this was the good part.

"Guess what??" she squeeked.

"what" we all monotonously replied (i dont even know if thats a word :/)


I reckon about half the boys in the room winced and covered their ears. Except me. I'm a tough MAN. Okay maybe i winced a little. But i'm still a man.

"what now?" Liam asked.

"uh-no-dur? Its what 9am already?"

I checked my watch, it was 8:40am, ha close enough.

We watched her do her happy dance. It was quite amusing. Suddenly a giant scream erupted from the Telly speakers and she shreiked and jumped like half a mile into Harry's lap.

He chuckled, " if you wanted me so badly you just had to ask beautiful."

"aw you wish" she teased back but still stayed on his lap.

Just as the movie was ending, the doorbell rang.

Brooklyn jumped up, " SHE'S HERE!!" she screamed before running to open the front door. Siva yawned and stretched his arms before getting up and turning the light on, then he sat back down. We heard a bunch of giggles coming from outside the living room.

A tall brunette walked in accompanied by Brooklyn, she was actually quite pretty but im more focused on Brooklyn hahah. Louis seems to think otherwise though...

Louis's pov

Wow. Thats all i could think of when Brooklyn came in with Eleanor, the tall brunette. Wow. Now that i think about it, Brooklyn was never for me. I guess i got caught up too much on her looks. But this Eleanor. Wow. I noticed she had nowhere to sit so i spoke up, what a nice, good, honest person would do, " HARREH GET CHO FAT ASS OFF THIS COUCH SO THIS FINNEEEE LADDDYYY CAN SIT DOWN" i shouted in an albama accent.

They all laughed and Harry surrendered, hands up backing off the seat. I nodded at him and bowed to Eleanor, "Care to sit me'lady?"

she giggled, " sure thing hot pants,"

She took her seat and she was just about to say something else but Brooklyn interuppted us-

" ELLL!!! I sooooo made that nickname up before youuu!! And can you please stop flirting! Seriously, its making me hurl."

We all laughed once more but Eleanor and i blushed a deep shade of red. Hmm maybe she likes me too.

"hey! I didnt complain when you brought Hunter over did i?" Eleanor complained back, with a smile on her face.

Brooklyns care-free expression changed into a solemn and emmotionless one.

"Yeh well that didnt last that long did it?" Brooklyn replied.

The tension in the room was unbelievable.

"sooo, who's up for Nando's?" Niall clapped his hands together.

I chuckled to myself, that boy. He's not really addicted to Nandos. He just likes it, but the fans makes it seem like he is. Its the same with me and carrots too. And Liam with spoons. He's okay with spoons at home, he just thinks that they are unsanitary at other places.

"nahh i fancy KFC" Brooklyn countered.

"But-" Niall tried to reply

"Nandos isnt even open for breakfast." Brooklyn broke him off

" Yeh well KFC isnt either!" Niall replied.

Man for some reason things were getting really heated up.

They stood up and faced eachother.

"Fine, i have a proposition," Brooklyn said.

"what?" Niall asked.

"Everyone needs to get ready now and then we'll choose.. Okay?"


They looked at eachother for a moment or two, before they suddenly rushed through the door and up the stairs to their bedrooms.

2 seconds later, Brooklyn came barging back into the living room to grab her Marvel beanbag. Wierd child.

Slowly one bye one, the boys all cleared out to get dressed. It was just me and Eleanor now. She was already dressed and i got dressed inbetween the 4th and 5th movie. Dont ask me why. Intuition ;)

After a while we started to talk. Just talk. I learned that she was now a model and she met Brooklyn a cople of months back when they met for a modeling shoot. So thats what Brooklyn does for a living. She models. Apparently she is a really famous one too. Just only the really dedicated people know her. I wonder what Liam would say about this. Apparently she is an underwear model. Wow if the other guys found out they'd be queing to see a pic. Hahah.

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