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Brooklyn Magic Payne is Liams 1-year-younger sister. She used to be a goodie-two-shoes. Great grades, great attitude, loved by everyone..... Well the grades haven't changed. Liam hasn't seen his little sister in two years. After begging his parents, they finally agree to let Brooke go with his band, One Direction, on tour. With The Wanted. Lets get one thing straight- Max, Nathan, Harry, Louis and Niall all fancy her. But who will get the girl? What will happen when Liam finds out that his parents have been lying to him about her for 2 whole years? And what happens when he finds out what she's been up to at night *hint* her nickname has alot to do with it :)
( yeah its like Louis, I changed get over it, but for me that went into things a bit too fast. i'm gonna take it slow. Basically that means its gonna take longer for her to change, please read, favourite and like. and please tell others about me!!) ps: it does NOT go into ahem details.... if u know what i mean....


4. Holy Shit, its The Wanted.


Brooklyns pov

I went into the room that said Brooklyn's room. Duh obvious much? It was quite a nice room actually. I had an En Suite  and a mini fridge, So that was cool. I dumped my suitcases in the rather small wardrobe. Yep it wasnt a walk-in wonder i tell ya that. I opened my zebra print one, the one where my underwear and pj's were, and took out some red lace underwear and some The Hulk girl boxers. Then i opened my Road-Trip suitcase and got out my oversized Hulk jumper. I got changed in the En Suite and looked at my self in the mirror. I took off all my make up and for a second i thought of leaving it like that. Just no make up. But i decided against it.

Getting my make up kit out i grabbed some mascara, eyeliner and green eyeshadow. I put them all on and i put on some forest green lipstick. My lips were way too bare and i like to mark a man when i kiss him. hahah. I opened up my leapord print suitcase and got out some giant Bugs Bunny slippers, then i got out my bugs bunny beanie with earflaps. I know wierd right? Hulk sweater and shorts and a bugs bunny hat and slippers. Im unusual thaat way. I opened my plain Red ssuitcase and got out my big beanbag. Yes i had a suitcase just for a beanbag but its the best beanbag ever! Its a Marvel one. The Marvel one. Mattie and Ryan got it for my 16th birthday. I fell in love with it at first sight. I love Marvel. Th Avengers, Spiderman, Justice League-you name it.

So after grabbing my epic beanbag i walked downstairs. I heard Liam talking-

"Okay, so you all know about the new rules?"

There were a few yes's.

"okay? you got it? Remember! No Dating Brooklyn."

My jaw dropped. WTF? How unfair! There were, what 5 or 4 single lads in this room and i cant even snog one of them. Hmph, we'll see about that. Bastard.

I swaggered into the room, plopping my beanbag as close to the Telly as possible and sitting down on it.

"Don't listen to him guys, I'm single and carefree" i winked

"yeh, but you're my sister!" liam protested

"yeh well you cant just do this Liam! After two bloody years you cant just waltz back into my life telling me what i can or cannot do!"


" what? you're sorry? Well apology accepted but you gotta get you're facts right mr.Payne!"

"1. I love to party"

"2. i love to drink"

"3. I like a challenge"

"4. i swear as much as a fucking sailor"

"5. i am not innocent, believe me"

"6. I hate mum"

"7. I am 17 years old"

"8. I dont like being known as Liam Paynes Little Sister, Its Brooklyn Magic Payne"

"9. I have a job that pays well and i am gonna move out as soon as i'm 18. I wanted to move out this year but that got into a big fight which involved court and, i didnt win"

"10. i am not a the same Brooklyn Magic Payne. I changed. Bullying did this to me. I changed and i like the new me. Even though no-one except my two mates and the Seniors seems to like it. But i dont care, because this is me."

Liam put his head down and i started to feel a little bit of regret. I walk towards him and took his hands in mine.

"I still like Carrots though amy" (amy is brooklyns nickname for liam, maggie is liams nickname for brooklyn) I told him.

he smiled and pulled me into a hug. "you can go out with them. But don't break their hearts. And don't let yourself get hurt."

I nodded.

After our little hug i plopped onto my beanbag, except i didnt. I plopped onto someone who was on my beanbag. I turned around to see a curly haired guy grinning madly.

"and you are...?" i inquired

"Jay, and i wanna be your new best friend! You can be my little sister!" Jay smiled happily.

" Cool, except you can be my little brother. I wanna be older for a change." i replied

" okayy" he gave in.

" well since thats all sorted get off my beanbag!" i asked him

" why?" he asked.

"because this is THE Marvel beanbag. I have had it for a year and somethingnow and nothing bad has happened to it. I don't wanna risk having a heavy person on my beanbag"

"hey! are you saying im fat?" he retorted

" no i am saying that you better get your muscly arse off my beanbag or i will personally bash you." i responded

He quickly got up and sat on the sofa. "Yep definetly a big sister" the tall spiked-up-hair one said.

Hmm he looks familiar. Actually all five of them on the couch do. OH MY GOD NO WAY!

" Holy Shit" i whispered aloud.

"language.." liam muttered

i was in too much shock to reply.

" Holy Shit"

"what?" a  blonde, irish one said. He was sitting on the other couch with liam and 3 other boys i didnt recognise.

I gulped. I walked straight up to the short, stubbly blue-eyed guy. I know his name. But i dont wanna jinx it. I poked him in the cheek. Then i took a step back.

"errmmm" he wondered

"you-you-you're The Wanted."

"took you long enough," Tom smirked.

" Oh My God. I am in the same room as The Wanted."

" and One Direction!" a guy in red pants protested.

"who? Nevermind. Just. Gimme one sec kay?"

I walked out of the room, when i was just outside the door i let out a giant scream. Then i walked back in and sat on Nathans lap.

" why hello there." i purred.

We all burst out laughing. Nathan grabbed my waist and i leant back on him.

"sheesh, The Wanted. Mattie and Ryan are gonna flip."

I sprung up.

" Oh fuck, i need to skype those bitches!" I ran up to the guy on the other couch, the one with a huge black quiff. Jeez he looked like elvis Presley. Hahaha lol. He was on the laptop and i grabbed it from him.

"hey!" he protested but i didnt care. I logged onto my skype and as soon as Mattie<3Ryan popped up and she called me.

she was on her bed and ryan was next to her.

"Sup B's"

"how are you sexdoll?" Ryan called out.

"Hey dont call my sister that!" Liam called out.

"jeez calm down Liam its just a joke!"

"oohh is that the Famous Liam Payne? I havent seen your brother since he DUMPED MY SISTER AND LEFT HER IN TEARS!" Mattie grew mad.

Liam went quiet.

"oh yeh, now he shuts up. By the way Liam, your EX-girlfriend is doing fine and she has a great steady boyfriend who would never leave her for his 'ambition; or whatever the fuck you called it!"

Liam sstood up and left the room. I wanted to jump up and comfort him but i couldnt.

"Mattie, that was bitchy"

"neh, i've been waiting to do that for ages"

i laughed.

"look guys as much as i love you, i have a feeling that you want to continue the make out session you had at the club, and the one you were having right now."

"we were NOT having a make out session!" Ryan protested

" uhuh, then whats with the smudged lipstick on your face?"

"shit" he cursed

"i understand, i do. It wasn't a makeout session. You were about to take off her thong werent you?"

"BROOKLYN!" Mattie yelled.

"yeh.. wait how did you know she was wearing a Thong?"

"babe she called me in the middle of English to ask which colour."

"BROOKLYN YOU ARE SOO DEAD IM GONNA-" mattie yelled. Ryan just sniggered. The guys were rolling on the floor laughing.

"yeh yeh, i love you too mattie oh and remember to blackmail Ms. Haggins."

"oh yeh, how could i forget that?" Mattie sniggered.

i ended the call and logged off, chuckling to myself.

"uhh whey are you blackmailing you're teacher?"

"funny story, well me and Ryan had detention-as usual-so we walked to the principal's office. Normally we just walk straight in so we did but what we saw wasnt expected. IThere was Ms.Haggins and Mrs.Fucug in their underwear kissing and feeling eachother. They were behind the desk and suddenly Mrs.Fucug took off Ms.Haggins bright pink thong and flung it across the room. For some reason ryan grabbed it and then we ran for it. Scarred. For. Life."

the boys all laughed.

Liam still hadnt come back in yet.

"i better go see Liam, he really did like her." I walked out of the room and into the kitchen where Liam was. He was maaking popcorn. Guess we were having a movie night.

"hey. are you okay?" i asked

"yeh, its just... i really liked her. I didnt mean to hurt her or anything. I just thought that it would be too hard on her..."he trailed off.

"i know, Mattie was just exaggerating. Alot."

"thanks Maggie, you can grab the drinks" He grabbed 4bowls off popcorn and walked out of the room, and into the living room where everyone eelse was. I opened the fridge and instantly looked for the beer. After getting about 12 bottles i put them all in a bag i found. Then i grabbed a batch of carrots. I walked into the living room. They were already starting a movie. I handed a beer to all of them (except liam, he had orange juice) and then i plopped onto my beanbag that, funnily enough, was inbetween Jay's legs. I started muching on a carrot as he played with my hair. The guy in the red pants was staring at my carrots, licking his lips. I laughed to myself and tossed him 3. he mouthed a thanks and we settled down to watch the movie. o


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