I don't really give a *CENSORED*

Brooklyn Magic Payne is Liams 1-year-younger sister. She used to be a goodie-two-shoes. Great grades, great attitude, loved by everyone..... Well the grades haven't changed. Liam hasn't seen his little sister in two years. After begging his parents, they finally agree to let Brooke go with his band, One Direction, on tour. With The Wanted. Lets get one thing straight- Max, Nathan, Harry, Louis and Niall all fancy her. But who will get the girl? What will happen when Liam finds out that his parents have been lying to him about her for 2 whole years? And what happens when he finds out what she's been up to at night *hint* her nickname has alot to do with it :)
( yeah its like Louis, I changed get over it, but for me that went into things a bit too fast. i'm gonna take it slow. Basically that means its gonna take longer for her to change, please read, favourite and like. and please tell others about me!!) ps: it does NOT go into ahem details.... if u know what i mean....


1. I am gonna change, no matter what


I came home sobbing my heart out. I saw my big sister Ruth sitting on the sofa. She noticed me and opened her arms for a hug. I ran into her arms and she sat me on her lap and softly stroked my hair.

" What happened baby?"

" it w-was l-l-lucy, " I stuttered, breaking down into more sobs.

" hun, don't let her get to you!"

" i-i know b-but..." i trailed off

" don't worry! Its friday right? so you got the whole weekend to make up some good comebacks....okay?"

"mmmm yehh"

"i would help you but J-"

"-ake is picking you up tonight to move to america with him....yeh, yeh i know! And Nicola is moving with her friends for college, to Australia of all places! Liam is in bloody X-Factor living his dream and- and i only have sunday to change. I better get planning my new outfit!"

I hopped of her lap. She stood up too, " exact- wait what?! No! You can't cha-"

" what are you talking about Ruth? It's my life, i can make my own decisions! I'm old enought to!"

" says the girl who cries after a few teases!" she sneered.

" i'm fifteen!" i glared at her.

The door opened and dad came in from work. He stopped at the living room doorway, " and how are my princesses today?"

"DINNER!" mum shouted from the kitchen.

" fine, dad. i'm fine. Tell mum that i'm skipping dinner, i'm tired..." i replied in a cold voice. Shooting one last glare at Ruth i marched up the stairs to my room, closing the door behind me. I picked up my headphones and ipod off my desk and flopped onto my bed. I put the headphones on and scrolled through my playlists. I decided on Olly Murs. He always cheers me up, even if his songs are sad. His voice is just so... cheery. I went on twitter and facebook. I had gotten about 50 friend requests on facebook and 150 more followers on twitter. What the hell? Turns out most of the-okay all of them-sent me tweets and/or mesages. All of them said the same thing:

Are You Liam Payne's Sister?

I sighed and logged off both of them. Thanks big bro. Thanks for making me be seen to the world as Liam Paynes little sister.

I rolled my eyes and started playing Temple Run. Don't judge me! That game has me addicted! Soon after i felt my eyelids droop. I got myself a bit more comfortable before i allow myself to be given in to sleep.

' This weekend i am going to change. I am gonna plan my new look, my new personality, my new everything, tomorrow. i'm gonna set it in on sunday. I am not gonna let myself be pushed around anymore. And one thing is for sure. I am not gonna be named as Liam Payne's little sister. I am gonna be Brooklyn Magic Payne, me.

Wierd name, right? Well here is the short story about it. It always helps me sleep for some reason.

My mum and dad went to Brooklyn for a holiday. To get away from the kids i expect. And thats where i come in. It seems that my parents had a little too much fun in Brooklyn. They uhh made 'magic'. Hence my middle name. So my name is Brooklyn because of ahem, where it happened. And my middle name is Magic because of the ahem, 'magic' they created. Yeh i know. sorta icky. And i found this out when i was nine. I imagined that 'magic' means that they paid big purple elephants peanuts and then a stalk comes with the baby. Well, until sex-ed that is. * Shudder* don't even get me started...


whaddaya think so far? like, comment, fave, tell others and most of all READ! lol, byee


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