Loved you first-Niall Horan

Jessica and Niall have meet in Nandos.. then jessica and him became close friends she started to fell inlove with him, but she didn't know if he loved her back so she just wanna know.. but her other best friend Zayn liked her since middle school , she did too ,now she doesn't know what to do.. who do you think she is gonna fall inlove with? Who will she pick?...


1. Tipical days as always...

*Beep* *beep*
Jessica saw the clock, she got up and walked over to the restroom to do her hair and makeup, when she was done she just got whatever shirt she could find, some skiny jeans and convers,"Jessica come eat breakfast before you leave!" her mum shouted, and when she was done she ran to get her stuff.. and kissed her mum goodbye before leaviing.

Jessica POV:
so when I got out of my house I ran down the stairs at my porch, and I heard my name called
From far away ,i looked back and it was my best friend , Zayn , he was running towards me "hey ,c-can we walk to sc-school to-together? He asked While trying to get some breath from running "haha sure why not " I told him so while walking, he told me how beautiful I looked, he always treats me like if I'm his girlfriend, always but cute, "thanks " I replied I felt myself blushing.

Zayn POV:
She was beautiful as always, I had a crush on here since the begging of middle school, but she liked that popular kid, I hated him but he left 6 months then so I had a chance with her but I was shy to talk to her.. then I had to wait till 8the grade when she finally said hi to me.. since then we became best friends... anyways she blushed when I said she was beautiful " you look cute like always " she manage to say " thanks " I said back we talked about school and how boring it is then we came.. I took her to her locker with was besides mine " hey guys " Louis, my best friend shouted to us " hey lou! " I shouted back.. they said in our English. Class that the
be a new kid in our school , I hope he doesn't fall in love with Jessica..I will asked her to hang out with me afterschool and go to nandos.
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