Loved you first-Niall Horan

Jessica and Niall have meet in Nandos.. then jessica and him became close friends she started to fell inlove with him, but she didn't know if he loved her back so she just wanna know.. but her other best friend Zayn liked her since middle school , she did too ,now she doesn't know what to do.. who do you think she is gonna fall inlove with? Who will she pick?...


2. the new boy

Jessica POV:
So when me and zayn came to our first class, English. The teacher was already there bit the class didn't start yet so I sat beside Zayn and talked for awhile the when the teacher interrupted "class we'll be having a new student in this building "I looked to Zayn and ask him"I wonder
who?so we waited then the bell rang and all the halls got quite. And the teacher said " okay students, this is Niall Horan,the new boy " wow his eyes were blue like the sky, beautiful, and blondish hair with some brunett. Wow he was cute, he notice I was sarring at him and he looleft at Me..omg! I tought to myself.

Niall POV:
I felt nervous when the teacher presented me to the class, I looked around and then.. I catched I beautiful girl looking at me I turned to see her, wow I tought to myself. She beautiful.I saw a
Boy beside her so, maybe she had a boyfriend? Naah. He didn't really Looked like her boyfriend.. well idk but i didnt stop looking at her beautiful brown eyes.

Zayn POV:
I looked at him, then I looked at Jessica she looked at him deeply, I knew it she will like him,
fuck!I wispered I don't know if she heard me but I will ask her to the hangout Thing time flew fast and the bell rang, before she left behind Niall I called her name
"what?" She asked " Do you wanna hang out afterschool? " " ha sure zayn I've love to" she said with a big smile.
Hey guys! Chapter 3 will be out soon!! Bye!! x:)

Jessica! ♡
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