Loved you first-Niall Horan

Jessica and Niall have meet in Nandos.. then jessica and him became close friends she started to fell inlove with him, but she didn't know if he loved her back so she just wanna know.. but her other best friend Zayn liked her since middle school , she did too ,now she doesn't know what to do.. who do you think she is gonna fall inlove with? Who will she pick?...


3. meeting him

As Jessica and Zayn walked to Nandos, Jessica saw that new boy in Nandos. When Zayn and Jessica walked in, Niall saw them.

Jessica POV:
I could see that he was starring at me, I could see from the corner of my eye. Finally Mr and zayn order. Then we went to sit down, behind niall. .I couldn't see niall's back because Zayn blocked it," what are you looking at?" Zayn asked me, interrupting me from daydreaming, " oh nothingggg " I said . I guess zayn didn't notice Niall. Finally, our food came, gosh I was hungry,me and zayn were quite for ahwile but he interrupted the silence, "Why are you so quite today?"he asked me"I don't know.. "I said with my mouth full.

Zayn's POV:
I don't know why,but Jessica was aacting different,like usually when we hang out afterschool, she will keep the conversation going,but today she was super quite,weird,but it looked like she was S's starring at something behind me, or was she daydreaming?.. "so what are you doing in the weekend? " I said "well I don't really know yet."she responded. Then,my phone started to ring so I excused myself and went outside, my mom called me.

So when zayn left to talk on the phone, Niall turned around to see jessica and sat where Zayn was sitting "so wanna hang out tomorrow, it's Saturday tomorrow,no school.. " then Jessica smOles and said"yes, yes okaay.. just tell me were and I'll be there.""Don't worry I'll pick you up.,about at 3.."said Niall ,so then he gave Jessica his number and started talking for awhile. Then Zayn walked in and stoped behind Niall, Jessica didn't notice Zayn at first but she looked up and her smile faided. "Um, Niall?.. i-i gotta go ill call you later.. " jessica interrupted Niall conversation "okay so I'll be waiting .."then Zayn looked at jessica with a mad face " why the
Fu*k... why were you talking to him? Zayn said with a mad voice "Zayn, your not my boyfriend to tell me what to do..." then zayn face looked down and jessica said "I'm sorry zayn " the Zayn said sorry and.they left home.
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