Change my mind

Micayla is an average girl, but unlike millions of girls she dislikes one direction. On her way home from work, she runs into a curly haired stranger. Its not untill he introduces himself, that she realizes who it is. She could care less. He can't figure her out and why she isn't head over heels for him. He chases her down every chance he gets. Will his charm change her mind? Or will she turn her back on him? This is my first movella so bare with me!:-)


6. It's only one time. Or is it?

"I guess. But Styles, ur cutting it close here. " I reply.

"what do you mean?" He asks. His gaze is directly on me. He really isn't making this easy. 

" you don't seem to understand . You have been chasing a girl who has no feelings for you. You have followed me everywhere and I have ignored u,or tried to, and you just keep coming back. I'm thrilled you found my MP3 player but that doesn't mean that I can't resist you! I don't mind going to North with you. But then you do stuff like this and you just don't understand that I'm not one of your crazed fans you met me 3days ago and you act like we have been dating for 3 months.why don't you date a fan. They seem to love you endlessly." I preach.

" They only love the famous me. They don't love me for me. They love that I'm famous and I'm on every billboard. But I just want a normal girl. U are who I want. You are perfect. You act like m not famous and I love that about you. Your hair is amazing, and your eyes and your smile. You are beautiful." He preached back. I had never been told this. I have always looked in the mirror and saw something I didn't want to see. I bite my lip and look at the ground. The full moon above is shining on me and him and I can see his curls in an outline. Maybe I am falling for him. Wait what am I saying. No, he is an asshole of a guy who thinks he is great because he is famous. I'm justan average girl trying to support my self with my job. I love fashion and selfies and just being me. I just don't understand. Billions of fans. One guy. And out of all girls he picks me. A girl his height with frizzy blonde hair and no coordination in her movements at all. Trips on everything. The only thing I could maybe see a guy liking in me looks wise is my eyes because I've been told I have eyes that have never been found before. Why is he chasing after me. We ran into each other and now he thinks its destiny. 




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