Change my mind

Micayla is an average girl, but unlike millions of girls she dislikes one direction. On her way home from work, she runs into a curly haired stranger. Its not untill he introduces himself, that she realizes who it is. She could care less. He can't figure her out and why she isn't head over heels for him. He chases her down every chance he gets. Will his charm change her mind? Or will she turn her back on him? This is my first movella so bare with me!:-)


5. I might.

" other news one direction has made a record breaking event. One concert. Five guys. Three-" says the news reporter . 

"..yea no. Maybe something is on that won't remind me of yesterday." I click the remote. "No, no, no, no, no, oh look Barney and friends. Ugh who am I kidding." I say as I turn off the tv. I throw my arm and remote on the couch and sigh. The door bell rings. Ok it's 10 at night who could be here. I open the door and look around my porch. Coming back I trip, like my clumsy self, on something slightly large. When I pop up I realize that it is a radio with a paper taped to it. I pick off the paper and it reads ' to you my love. Press play' I do as it says and wait for a second or two. I sit down on my porch and listen as a higher male voice sings " The end of the night, we should say goodbye. But we carry on." Still confused I look up and lay back on my door. I close my eyes as I pay attention to the lyrics. I hear the sound of shoes across my driveway. I open my eyes and see the last person I want to see again. It's Harry ...

"dance with me love?"He said with a smile while holding  out his hand.

"Don't you understand I really don't like you!?"I snapped.

"trust me, I've noticed. But that doesn't mean I can't feel differently. So I'll ask again. Will you dance with me?" He said sincerely still holding out his hand. Another song starts. It's sort of familiar. It's about girls and what each of the boys love about them and they're little things. One starts to sing about the freckles on her cheeks. Rolling my eyes, I reluctantly grab his hand. He is in his red skinny jeans and blackT-shirt. He must have come from the studio. I'm in my jim jamms with a messy bun. Barefoot. Dancing with a stranger. In my driveway. At 10:09. His arms wrap around my waist embracing me to where our noses almost touch. I put my arms around his neck and look the other way to avoid looking at him and all his awkwardness.

"So, how was work today?" He says clearly trying to end the awkwardness.

"It was fine. Not a whole lot of business." I reply still looking away. 

"Oh." He says

"Yea." I say.

 I am really hating this right now. I don't even like him and I want him out of my life. The last 3days have been completely mad because of him. I turn and look at him. He has been staring at me this whole time. I take a deep breath, look up at the sky and look back at his eyes. The moonlight makes his eyes the most beautiful green I have ever seen.  He looks dead into my eyes as I start to turn my head. 

"So um, Micayla, I'm going on tour in 2 days and I wou-." He says before I interrupt him.

" Wait how do you know my name?" I question.

" I got the information from your supervisor, ruby." He replies

"oh ok so that how you know where I live." I say jokingly withma smile and a small giggle.

"haha yea. But what I was saying before was I'm going on tour and I won't be here long. Would you like Go to the grand Park in north tomorrow. 

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