Change my mind

Micayla is an average girl, but unlike millions of girls she dislikes one direction. On her way home from work, she runs into a curly haired stranger. Its not untill he introduces himself, that she realizes who it is. She could care less. He can't figure her out and why she isn't head over heels for him. He chases her down every chance he gets. Will his charm change her mind? Or will she turn her back on him? This is my first movella so bare with me!:-)


1. Hello, my name is....

    I stood in front of my mirror and examined myself. My overly frizzy blonde hair hugged my face and covered most of my back. My not so curvy figure appeared better with the blouse I'm wearing. My scrawny legs stood akwardly underneath my skinny jeans. I thought about straigtening my hair and finally the thought got stuck so I did. After that, I looked alot better than before. I checked my watch. Omigod! I'm gonna be late. I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. I have a part- time job at Minnie's Bistro in London. It's a quiet part of town but it's kind of nice. I got there 15 minutes late. When I get my apron on, my boss is standing in the kitchen doorway, arms crossed with a furious look on his face.

       " I'm so sorry sir! I was just um.." I manage to get out.

       " Late. That is exactly what you were. That is your third time this week. One more time and you're fired!" he says and he walks away.

    Shit! That man is crazy. He is so harsh. But yeah I guess I should have been on time. I sigh and get on to work. Only eight more hours to go.

    When I get off of work at six, I am the last one out. I grab my things and lock up. I start walking towards home with the thought of I am going to save up money to buy a damn alarm clock.

   That's where I met him.

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