Change my mind

Micayla is an average girl, but unlike millions of girls she dislikes one direction. On her way home from work, she runs into a curly haired stranger. Its not untill he introduces himself, that she realizes who it is. She could care less. He can't figure her out and why she isn't head over heels for him. He chases her down every chance he gets. Will his charm change her mind? Or will she turn her back on him? This is my first movella so bare with me!:-)


4. A bit of bistro love

   Micayla's POV:

    I spent all night thinking about Harry. God, people like that make me so mad. He was charming but kind of a douche as well. What did this boy want from me? I can't stand boys like that either. He is obviously a player. When I get to work, Ruby, a close friend and co worker , tossed me an apron and said get to work. Do I do anything else? I have made it through half of the work day when I realize its 11: 56 am. Yay! 4 minutes till my lunch break!. I walk to the counter when i hear the bell on the front door. I dont pay attention to the person but I feel them approach the front counter.

   "Hello. I'm looking for someone", said a deep voice with kind of a soft, sweet tone to it.

  Wait a flippin second. I know that voice. I fling myself around to find Mr. Cookie-Cutter-Popstar standing right there across the counter. Shit. Not my day...of course. What the hell does he want now?!

   "What are you doing here?", I said with a little tude with it.

  "Well as far as I'm concerned this is a bistro and I'm a bit hungry and I can be here. So try and stop me." he said like a smartass....go figure.

   I roll my eyes and turn around to pretend that I'm organizing cups. Then I stop and think WTF! Why am i stacking cups? I turn around to see him still there staring at me. Great.

   " Ok," I say pointing a spork at him as if it was some time of threat to his well-being," You're gonna tell me excactly why you're here!"

   " I thought you would want this," he says as he grabs something out of his pocket. He throws a small box with earphones attached. OMG its my mp3 player. Where did he find it? 
   "What!? Where did you find this?," I said with an overly perky tone.

   "Well when we ran into each other yesterday..literally...I was walking back and I saw it in a bush." he said.

   " Then how did you know where to find me?" I said.

   "Lucky guess," he says while he looks down and then back into my gaze and winks.

  I look down adnd realize my apron says Minnie"s Bistro in pink italicized words. Crap. Could my enemies have a challenge for once? I fake smile back, grab my mp3 player,take is "order", and leave to go eat lunch.


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