Nothing's Fine

Involves One Direction and the wanted

Ashleigh-Jane has moved to London to live with her Aunty ad cousin Tom Parker when Niall Horan and Nathan Sykes fall for her what will happen will cousins who be torn apart


2. That Girl

I woke up at 8:30 am, since everyone was still sleeping I decided I would go for a walk. I had a shower, I straightened my Honey Blonde Hair, and put on a pair of denim short shorts, a tank top, with a pair TOMS.

I walked for about 10 minutes to Starbucks an ordered a double shot iced coffee, I walked through a park when I heard people arguing, I sat at a random park chair and drank my drink when someone walked upto me, "hi my name is Louis and I was wondering would you like to play Basketball with me and my mates" he says, I look up and realise who was talking to me Louis Tomlinson " I'm sure" I say And trying not to fangirl, I walk over to the court "we'll judging by you4 phone case you know who we are" Liam says, I nod, "what's your name" Zayn asks me "Ashleigh but call me Ash" I reply, "ok so Ash so you are on Niall and Harry's team" Louis tells me.

Through out the whole game Harry was flirting with me but he wasn't who I was interested in my attention was on Niall. When the game finished my team won.

"We'll we have to go clean Harry's house Ash, Niall you coming?" Liam asked "No I will stay here" he replied, "um Ash would like to go to lunch with me?" He asked " sure just let me go home and change, you come if you want? I replied.

Niall and I walked to my house, when we walked inside Tom looked at me and Niall holding hands " What the fuck is he doing here Ash?" Tom spat, Nialls grip tightened on my hand "let go of her" Tom ordered, "Tom shut the fuck up he is here with me" I Said, Niall and I walked to the kitchen where my Aunty was, " Aunt Katy can I go out to lunch with Niall?" I asked "of course Hun" she replies, Niall and I walk up stairs " I WON'T LET YOU OUT WITH HIM" Tom yells , "Bite me !" I scream back.

When Niall and I are ready to go we walked to a little cafe, we exchange our number and when we are done he walked me home, when we reached my front door we kiss for about 2 minutes, when Seoul away I say goodbye I walk inside and I'm met by a pair of angry eyes, Tom and I fight for 1 and 30 minutes until he finally gives up, we don't talk for the rest of the day, at 3:30 I get a phone call from Niall on the home phone while we were talking I hear a beep knowing that someone is listening I walked down stairs still talking to Niall and kick Tom in that balls and hang up the phone he was on, Niall and I say goodbye again, when I walk back downstairs Tom hits me, the rest of the boys and my Aunty see it and start yelling at Tom, he hits me again and on the floor now on pain.
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