Nothing's Fine

Involves One Direction and the wanted

Ashleigh-Jane has moved to London to live with her Aunty ad cousin Tom Parker when Niall Horan and Nathan Sykes fall for her what will happen will cousins who be torn apart


3. Happy or Sad

I lay on the floor in pain, I can't believe my own cousin hit me, I feel a pair of strong arms pick me up and carry me to my room, " Nathan" I cry, "shhh baby it's ok it will be fine" he soothingly says, he lays me down on my bed and lays next to me I can hear yelling from downstairs, then I can hear punching, I slowly walk downstairs to see Tom and Jay fighting, "STOP" I Yell "shut up ash" Tom spits at me, jay hits him even harder " don't you ever treat her like that again" jay says.

•••••••••the next morning•••••••••••••

I wake up and walks to my bathroom, I look horrible my face has a bruise on it and my hair is messy, I do my usual routine, have a shower and get dressed, I try to cover up my bruises but I can't , I make my way over to Nialls and knock on the door , " Baby what happened?" He asked " T-Tom hit me" I manage to get out, Niall grabs his keys and storms to his car, I run after him and get in his car, when we reach my house he gets out and storms in and punches Tom right in the face "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY GIRL EVER AGAIN" Niall yells at him, Siva and max are trying to pull Niall off Tom, Niall grabs my hand and takes me back to the car and speeds home he has a hand on my thigh the whole Time, I spend the day at Niall's house, I walk home and I'm met by Tom " look ash I'm sorry for hitting you" he says " sorry isn't going to cut it, you abused me I can't just apologise to you" I spit and walk up to my room, I text Niall ' babe you need to come here right now, sneak through the window' , 10 minutes later I heard a noise and opened my window to see Niall, as soon as he gets inside I smash my lips against his Nd kiss him deeply things get heated And before I know it I'm on the bed naked and Niall is to we are panting and sweaty "ah I love you so much" Niall says out if breath " I love you to Ni".

••••••••••••2 weeks later•••••••••••••••••••
" aunt Katy I've missed my period" I say worriedly " it's ok ash, it will be fine if you are pregnant you and Niall can do it" she tries to reassure me " what should I do?" I ask " well firstly you need to ring him and tell him what's happening" she tells me, I go to my phone an ring Niall "hello?" I hear him say " um Niall I have something to tell you" I say " i think I'm pregnant" I say, the line dies, soon I hear a knock at the front door and Niall runs in and child me a box, a pregnancy test, I walk to the bathroom and take the test, I sit it in my bed and after 2 minutes Niall and I look, there are 2 very bright pink lines " I'm pregnant " I say in shock "it's ok we can do this, I'm going to be a dad" Niall screams, "WHAT!!" We hear 5 people yell.
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