Nothing's Fine

Involves One Direction and the wanted

Ashleigh-Jane has moved to London to live with her Aunty ad cousin Tom Parker when Niall Horan and Nathan Sykes fall for her what will happen will cousins who be torn apart


1. The start

Hi my name is Ashleigh-Jane and I'm 16 years old, my Mum and Dad died in a car accident, so I'm on a plane going to London to live with my Aunty Katie and cousin Tom Parker, yes THE Tom Parker from The Wanted, I haven't seen my Aunty, Cousin or the rest Of The Wanted For 3 Years.

As I got off of the plane and walked into the terminal I was engulfed by 6 people giving me massive hugs, "Ash I've missed you so much" my Aunt Katie said excitedly "I missed you to" I reply " oh so you don't miss us then?" Tom says and puts a sad face on "of course I misses you it's been three years" I tell the boys, "Lets go get my bags" I say, we all walk to the baggage collection place, jay and I walked next to each other, when we got my bags Siva, Jay and Max carried them.

When we arrived at my new home I unpacked my bags and we had Pizza for dinner, when I finished eating I walked to my room and unpacked my last suitcase full of my One Direction stuff I put all of my posters up on the walls and secretly hoping that Tom doesn't see them because he still doesn't like One Direction after the whole Zayn and Louis incident on Twitter, after I finish I put on my white singlet and black and white plaid pyjama pants on and I got to sleep.


Hey guys if you are reading this thank you I promise it will get more exciting soon so please like and fave and become a fan if you want to
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