Piece Of My Heart

Mollie Maloy is just a normal girl caught up in the dream of moving to london and becoming a photographer, But when her dream comes true everything may change along-side her passion.


7. What Can I Say?

Mollie's P.O.V

Not much time has passed according to the clock but it seemed like hours. I really love Harry but I know nothing about him. My house was really cold so I curled up closer to him intertwining our legs. He moaned slightly and wrapped his arms around me.

"Harry." I whispered.

No answer.

"Are you awake." I nugged his side.

"Yeah babe." He replied with a grunt.

"I can't sleep." I said low.

"I'm sorry love, I'll say up with you." He said in a deep accent.

"Do you need anything?" He asked again.

"No, but I need to tell you something?" I murmmered.

"Anything." Harry said.

"I love you but I don't now you." I said swiftly.

He turned his head in my direction and gave me a crazy look but that emotion changed quickly into a smile.

"Do you really want to waste your time getting to know this old guy?" He joked.

"Yes." I said showing a smile.

"Where do I start?" He laughed

"How about your last name?" I said raising my eyebrows.

"Umm ugg- can we go to another question?" He asked worried.

"Harry...." I pleaded

"Does it matter?" He asked with anger

"Everything about you matters to me." I assured him.


Harry's P.O.V

I knew one day she would ask this. I don't want her to let the fame consume her and I want her to treat me te same. Mollie fell in love with Harry not the famous Harry. I had to tell her I thought.

"Styles." I said into her hair in a whispering manner.

The shock in her eyes, she had to know.

"Harry Styles." I repeated, after that there was complete silence.


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