Piece Of My Heart

Mollie Maloy is just a normal girl caught up in the dream of moving to london and becoming a photographer, But when her dream comes true everything may change along-side her passion.


11. The Perfect Day

I rolled over slowly to where I could see Harry's face. He slept so cute and his morning breath was irrestisable. He woke up when I blew in his ear and we both laughed.

"Good morning babe." I whispered.

"Morning Love." Harry smiled.

"What are we going to do today?" I asked.

"Something special." He said in a husky voice.

I nodded my head and gave him a big smile. We got up and I slipped on Harry's Jack Willis Hoodie and some skinny jeans. I brushed my hair into a loose side ponytail and added a bandana head band. We shared some romantic kisses and our bodies were in a bunch. Later that day he went out while I cooked some lunch. I walked into my room to find the most beautiful little black dress. It was gorgeous.

"He must really love you." Aunt Linda said while coming into the room.

Usually I stay at Harry's flat but today was different. Harry seemed nervous.

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