Piece Of My Heart

Mollie Maloy is just a normal girl caught up in the dream of moving to london and becoming a photographer, But when her dream comes true everything may change along-side her passion.


8. Styles

Mollie's P.O.V.

"Styles?" I asked with a god awful look on my face.

I should have known who he was. I knew I had seen him somewhere before but I let the idea fall.

"Mollie I'm sorry I should have told you." He said with simpathy.

"Get out!" I screamed.

I got up and pulled on some underwear and slipped on a hoodie quickly while shuving hs clothes into his hands. He didn't argue and he did as told. He looked shocked at my sudden outburst and even a little pissed.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked calmly.

"Are you kidding me, I just slept with Harry Styles!" I screamed while pushing him out the door.

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