Piece Of My Heart

Mollie Maloy is just a normal girl caught up in the dream of moving to london and becoming a photographer, But when her dream comes true everything may change along-side her passion.


2. Pictures

 Mollie's P.O.V

I awoke In a cold sweat. I didn't know wether last night was a dream or my new reality. The lad was cute you can give him that and he was a gentlemen. Just then I realized I never got his name and I was too foolish to tell him mine. I must of seemed like such an idiot. I tryed to chase my mind away from the boy when I realized he gave me his number. 850.866.3838. Underneath the number wrote a name written in beautiful cursive script that read Harry. I got chills just reading his name. I barely know him but we had a connetion yesterday. Harry was Mr. Right, the boy of every seventeen year old girls dream. I ran up to my calender and marked off Feb. 14. It was Valentines Day. I was tempted to call harry but I better wait for an excuse to call him this early. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had long wavy Brunette hair, gray-blue eyes, a light complexion, white teeth, and a I was well, skinny. I am so insecure someimes because of my weight, I can eat all day and never gain any weigh. I thought I would call harry in a hour or two and ask for help to get to the market. But until then I had free time. I staired myself down in the mirror. My name is Mollie Maloy. I slipped on some skinny jeans trying to avoid the raw spot on my left leg from last night. Followed by a Pink polka dot shreded sweater and I topped it off with my white convese. I bushed through my hair deciding to wear it natural. I smacked on some mascara to add length to my lashes and silently grabbed my camera and toppled over to my bed lying on my back looking through my camera role, deleting all of the bad ones until it popped up. It was harry's face. He was smiling, but how I wondered? It must of happened when I fell I thought I saw a flash after all. But I didn't want to sound too odd asking if he saw the sudden burst of light too. But anyways, he looked perfect. His dimples where adorable even more than his eyes. I have always wanted green eyes much like his because I have blue eyes and well yeah I get my complements but I think difference is ok, you know. I finally finished skimming through my potographs and I decided to call Harry. The phone rang about three times and at the other end of the line a lad picked up and said,

"Hello." in a very husky voice.

Yep it sure was Harry, I though to myself.

"Ummm this is the girl that accidentaly bumped into you yesterday, I never got a chance to give you my name, I go by Mollie." I said sweetly.

"Well hello Mollie I knew you would come to your sences and call." He said in a joking manner.

"I don't mean to barge in on you or anything but I was hoping for you to maybe show me to the market." I said in a hushed tone afraid of his reation but he is the one that gave me his number if I needed help so It's really not my fault, is it?

"Yes of course Mollie I would love to take you. How about You say I'll pick you up in fifteen minutes."

"That will be fine." I said. "See you then." Harry replied.

After around fifteen minutes I heard a knock at my door. Of course It was Harry. "Hello Love." He said with a smile. "Hi, so I guess you will be my esscourt for the day." I joked. He smiled and he opened the door to his car for me. He showed my street signs I guess trying to jog my memory a bit. But It didn't seem to help much becaue I was paying way too much attention to him and His eyes. He was a very sweet boy indeed. He helped me pick up some fresh apples and bread. When we finished the shopping he dropped me back off at my place an walked me to the door.

"How about those pictures?" He asked.

I smiled and showed him to the house.

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