Piece Of My Heart

Mollie Maloy is just a normal girl caught up in the dream of moving to london and becoming a photographer, But when her dream comes true everything may change along-side her passion.


5. Ladybug

Mollie's P.O.V.

I can't belive what had just happened. How could this guy love someone like me? I don't know but I'm floating on cloud nine, every second was bliss. We talked and cuddled for hours until My aunt Linda came into the picture. There was the sound of keys outside the front door and then followed my heavy footsteps.

"Harry go." I whispered, pushing him upstairs.

He was laughing most likely at my reaction but aunt Linda was little unaware of a guy being in her house alone with her niece. So I had to hide Harry. I rushed down the steps in time to help her with some bags.

"Your up late Ladybug." Aunt Linda laughed.

"I'm just finishing up with some homework." I lied.

"Mollie." She chimmed.

"Yes aunt Linda." I said

"When was the last time I caught you in the middle of homework." She giggled.

"Ummm Urr I-" She cut me off almost as soon as I started.

"Go back to him." She whispered in my ear.



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