Love Story ( A Harry Styles fanfic)

This story is about a girl named Sofi Jones, when one day she was at a club and meets the One Direction heart-throb Harry Styles. What will happen???
Will there be love,sex, or maybe both. nut who now.
Find out in Love Story.
sorry if its bad its my first fanfic.



                                                                                                   Sofi pov:

I was at my house when I got the felling of going out to the club, it was the new one two streets away. I was wearing a black tight dress and red high hills and red lip stick.

                                                                                               * AT THE CLUB*  

I was drunk now and I was bored, I was about two go when a curly hair boy grabbed my arm. 

Harry: heyyy babe. want to dance???

Me: sure, how about after this next song is done we go to my place??

Harry: OK, I like the way you think.

                                                                                             *AFTER THE SONG*

We get a cab when harry says "You know today is my 19 birthday."

ME: well then you might get something nice when we get to my house."

The cab ride was done and Harry payed him and we ran to the door I opened it and started to take off my dress and hills.

so did harry. after I finished I jumped on the bed and harry started to kiss me. It was the best night ever!!

                                                                                                   * MORNING*

                                                                                                   *Harrys pov*   

I woke up and felt someone hugging me when I turned I saw her the most beautiful girl in the world.

then I remembered last night. She was good and better the the other girls. It was the best 19 birthday ever. I was in the bed when I noticed this was not my house and it was only a one night stand. I was looking for my shirt when I saw It on a picture in her room I grabbed it when I saw the picture it was her and a man he looked like he was 20 then I saw her she was like 18. Did she have a boyfriend??? Or was that just like a friend or a brother? 

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