Kristina Parsons is a 16 year old orphan. Her parents died protecting her from a mass murderer. A heart scar is all she has left to remember them by. In the orphnage, they brand each girl and boy. A boy and a girl have the same mark and are forced to have sex. When Kristina find out her partner is Harry Styles, she falls in love imeadintly falls for him. Will he feel the same?


1. Thrown away like trash

hello. Im Kristina Parsons. I and 16 years old and a orphan. My parents were killed saving me from a mass murderer. All i have left is a heart shaped scar that horrible man gave me. None of my relitives wanted me. I was thrown away like trash


i was thrown into a dark,dreary room where the light never touched. I landed on the ground with a thud.a unbearible pain welled in my left knee. I let out a wail of pain as a pool of blood fored around me. Silent tears fell from my eyes at the thought of my parents. I looked at my arm only to remember a sorrow like never befor. I sighed to see the door creak open." mrs.Tran requested all orphans in her office" the guard came over and hoisted me up and practily dragged me from the room." I can walk like a big girl" I snarled and pushed his hand off my shoulder. As i walked into the large office space, tha other boys and girls looked scared as shit. I dident care, I went over to a dark corner and sat down,my leg still bleeding, I saw a handsom, tall, lean, boy walk over to e with his shirt off''shhh" he said and wrapped his shirt around my knee" this will do for know" he wispered in his husky,brittish voice.


As us boys walked down to the office in a line and the girls next to us, at the end of the line,i  saw a bloddy,beautiful,beaten girl. I felt bad for her. I mean not awww poor girl i mean i want to punch whoever did this to her bad. We all had to wait in a large office area. I went over to her and took of my shirt."shhh" I told her to say nothing."This will do for know" I whispered in her ear. She smiled a gorgious smile that made me melt." Im Harry" i said, and smiled."Im kristina" she said back in her adorible brittish accent. Iknew she had to be mine


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