Music is our Language

Yasmine Natalie Garcia Martinez. Long Name right. Instead they call me Yaz. They always told me when i was little "Dream what you wish for you shall have the opportunity to grab it and live it" And thats what i did but ended getting more! A true Love. Niall James Horan.


4. School and New BFF!

My P.O.V

Dani is very nice. I could tell that this is gonna be a nice place to stay in. "So want me to show you around" She asked me. "Yea sure, but the first thing i wanna see is a fridge full of food" She laughed. "Your just like-..." she stopped her sentence. Why did she stop. "My little sister" she added. I felt like she's hiding something. I shouldn't confront here since we just met so i just ignored it. "Okay." i said. She walked me to the kitchen as I ran straight for the fridge hugging it. I have missed food so much. I opened it and it was Empty. What Why?! "Where is all the food?" i asked. "Well since school just started I haven't been home so much that i always got fast food. I wanted to wait for you so we could go shopping together for decoration for the house." she said. I love this girl already. In a best friend way of course. "Aww thanks buddy" i said while giving her a hug. "So wanna go eat first then head out shopping" She asked happily. "umm its 10 pm" i said looking at the time on the stove. "ohhh...well well go shopping tomorrow, let me see your schedule." I handed it over to here as her eyes began moving while reading. "Oh so tomorrow you have high school."

"Okay well since i don't know where it is do you know?"

"Yea want me to give you a ride." 

"Please" I say thanking her cause i actually hate walking alone. She showed me my room which was empty and white and so was her's.All it had was an empty bed.  Well i cant wait to go shopping tomorrow after school. 




Woke up this morning fresh and early to my phones alarm. And as for my and my new home i woke up on the an empty bed. With no covers. Nada. "Yaz...Yazz" i heard as Dani was shaking me to wake up. "Huhh whats up" i say as i blinked to adjust the light with my eye. "Time to go to high school" she said all ready to go. "Nahh im good" i got back cuddling myself in my arm. I saw her roll her eyes. "Lets go" She said while shacking me again. "ughh fine" i say while getting up and heading towards the bathroom. I had my own and she had her's. Enough privacy. I washed my face, put on some eyeliner and eye shadow. Left my hair down with my side bang hanging. And that was the end of the bathroom stage. Then i put on a tanktop with a vest and some skinny jeans with some uggs. Good enough for the first day of high school. "Ready!" Dani asked from the hall. "Yesh" i cooed. I could hear her giggle. Was i that funny? I'm proud of myself. I grabbed my Hollister  bookbag and we left. We decided to walk since it was still summer for now. Since its august. "you dont look like you American you look more a Latin culture person."

"Well im actually born in the hearts of Mexico but moved in Atlanta, Georgia when I was 10."

"Nice" she added

The rest of the walk we were just talking getting to know each other.It was a short walk before we got to school. "Here we are" dani said. It was 4 stories tall. And so many mini buildings next to it. I could tell im probably gonna get lost in a mater of seconds. Once Dani left i went to the office and got my schedule and book and got to my locker. A lonely first day of school for me. Great. 




I looked around the building to see if Dani was here. I couldnt find her. "Yaz!" i hear my name being yelled. I turn around to see Dani at her car. Thank goodness i did not want to walk. I ran over to her getting in her nice Toyota Camry. "Thank goodness I was not in a mood to walk." she laughed. "Nice car" i say. "Thanks, so where do you wanna head first we can combine our money to make 2 thousand dollars to spend on the house." she told me. "Well since your the one is from London and i'm the one from America i guess you should know where the best furniture comes from." I say. "Okay i know just the place. We began driving and i decided to start a conversation. "So do you have a boyfriend?" i ask. " Yes i do actually and i love him."  looks like someones in love. "Whats his name?" . She stayed silent. "Liam Pa-...tterson...Liam Patterson." Akward i wonder if she didnt want me to know about him. "is it possible if we can meet one day?" i ask hoping not to sound like i wanna steal from her. Cause i definetly dont. "Well maybe since he is a hard worker so he always busy. "ohh..okay" I end my part of the conversation. " Now do you have a boyfriend??" She asks me. " No i'm currently single." She parked the car at Hobby Lobby and  gave me a 'No way look'. "Yep i'm single" I say sarcastically. She just laughed. We went to a bunch of stores and bought a bunch of stuff for the house. Our house ended up looking like Carly's home from iCarly. My dream home!!! (My room except the bed on top and sofas on the bottom and more colorful,r:58,s:100,i:178&iact=rc&dur=1228&sig=107508886146135981511&page=8&tbnh=176&tbnw=243&ndsp=20&tx=138&ty=66  Dani's room :,r:58,s:100,i:178&iact=rc&dur=1228&sig=107508886146135981511&page=8&tbnh=176&tbnw=243&ndsp=20&tx=138&ty=66



Were back home and set our home up and i headed straight for what is now a full fridge. I hear Dani's phone go off. A one direction song. Nice. I mean i dont hate them or love them. Im in between. "Hey babe. No im home we just finish decorating. Oh yeah and my room mate just arrived. Yeah sure no problem. so see you in a bit." I heard dani say as i gobbled down a three layered sandwich. She looked at me with a wide face. I saw her mouth a wow. "What have never seen a 110 pound girl swallow down a sandwich. I joked. She laughed. Okay im I that funny?? 


XX Yea hope you like it. im about to go to bed and im failing social studies in school so im studying alot which is keeping off of writing :< Any way Bye bye

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