Music is our Language

Yasmine Natalie Garcia Martinez. Long Name right. Instead they call me Yaz. They always told me when i was little "Dream what you wish for you shall have the opportunity to grab it and live it" And thats what i did but ended getting more! A true Love. Niall James Horan.


2. Im In!!!

"MOM DID THE MAIL COME!!??" I yell sliding down the handle for the stairs. I was hoping for the acception letter was here to see if i made it in Dance Academy in London! It is my dream to be a famous dancer. Then i would be able to go on the World of Dance Tour. Ahhh it would just be a dream cometrue.  "Aye be careful! and yes its here" she said. She began looking through the mail and my dad and brother come in. "Is it here??" the both say in sync."Here it is" she says taking it out the stack. We all scream. My mom begins opening the letter and once its open she begins reading. I see her smile turn into a frown. No no no there has to be something wrong. I did so good. I begin tearing up as my brother tries to comfort me. "Dont worry sweetie  at least you'll come visit every now and then right." My mom says. Wait!! did she just say. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!" i say now crying my eyeballs out on the ground with joy! I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone gets down and hugs me..This is just so AWESOME!!!The letter says im leaving Tomorrow. So i decided to spend my last day with my friends since i will be able to visit my family and not my friends. So run upstairs into my room grab my Samsung Galaxy and tell them to meet me at the mall. I get up and get dressed in a sweater with a mustache, some ripped skinny jeans with some black vans. I put my hair in a bun and put on some eyeshadow and eyeliner and Yaz is out of the building. I decided to go walking. Since the mall isn't very far from here. Once i get there i see my best friends Tammy, Nikki, and Jason. Once they see me they start running and literally jump on me. "Did you get in, Did Yaa??!!!" Jason asks childishly. I look at them sadly. I see they start frowning. "YESSSS!!" they scream and hug me. "Dont scare us like that!" Nikki said. "Well lets go shopping for your last day here" Said tammy. We went to Hollister , Aeropostale, Hatshack where we buy a bunch of beanies and snapbacks, and clairs. We started going to the entrance to go home but Jason stopped us. "Wait..Shoes!!!Your shoes could get worn out..You cant leave with out some sneakers." He was right.. DIVA..We run to our favorite shoe store anywhere else in the world. Journeys. We got some Uggs, Vlado's Night, DC, Nike, and Adidas. Before i knew i was loaded. We went home and decided to have a sleep over. Of course Jason felt weird so Javier joined us. And this is my last day in Atlanta. 


XX: AYE!!!! so my second story i dont really like the last one so here ya go. What do you think??

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