Music is our Language

Yasmine Natalie Garcia Martinez. Long Name right. Instead they call me Yaz. They always told me when i was little "Dream what you wish for you shall have the opportunity to grab it and live it" And thats what i did but ended getting more! A true Love. Niall James Horan.


5. Hello Blondie and Dani's Boyfriend

"Hey.. My boyfriends coming over with one of his friends to meet him is that okay?" Dani asked

"Yea.. I would like to meet your boyfriend and his friend so that if he ever hurts you i can remember what he looks like and then kill him." I say. She just stared at me. 

"Dont worry he would never hurt me. He loves me and I love him" 

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" i kept mocking her.  I would not stop bothering her. Until the door rang. "Who is it!!!?" I yell from across the house. "Its us" I heard a boyish voice say. I turned to Dani to see if she recognized the voice. " There here."  I got up. And saw that I was in my favorite pair of Chachimommas, and tank top. That should be good. I mean I really dont care what people say about me. As i heard Dani open the door. I heard them greet each other. I just stayed on the couch. Eating. Nothing keeps me from eating. I then heard footstep come closer. Until i saw Dani with 2 boys our age. One brunette and the other.. well i could tell he bleaches his hair so i'll just say he's blonde. Hes cute. ^.^. "Liam, Niall, this is Yazmine my roommate and Best Friend. " She said. "Hi" I say shyly. I got up from the couch and stood up . "Yazmin this is Liam and Niall." They look familiar. "Hold up.. aren't you two from that band..umm One Direction.?" 

"Yes." No wonder they look familiar. "My friend back in America is obsessed with yall."  

"Thats great." I nod. It got silent. Well this got awkward. 0.0 . "So who wants to watch a movie"  I ask. They all shouted yes. "Lets watch Toy Story 3" Liam asked rather quick. "Okay i'll make popcorn." I say 

"I'll help" says Niall. 

I nod and we walk towards the kitchen. 

"So Yazmin that seems pretty Latin" He says as helps me get the popcorn from the top shelf. I am actually that short. 

"Yea im actually 100% MEXICAN" i say putting emphasis on mexican. He laughs . "Thats nice." his irish accent is so adorable. I take out four packs of pop corn and pop them in the microwave. "Thanks for the popcorn your making me." I says with a laugh. "Seem's like your friend taught you well." 

"Actually the food is for me." I say. 

"So you eat alot?" 

"Yesh." I say pulling out the bunch of ready popcorn and put them in bowls. It took alot of bowls... 

After the movie we fell asleep thats the night... Night night dont let the bad bugs bite. 


Sorry its short..writers block -.- :/

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