Music is our Language

Yasmine Natalie Garcia Martinez. Long Name right. Instead they call me Yaz. They always told me when i was little "Dream what you wish for you shall have the opportunity to grab it and live it" And thats what i did but ended getting more! A true Love. Niall James Horan.


3. Goodbye and Hello.:D

       After falling asleep and dreaming about food like always. Everyone woke up at 6 am since my plane leaves at 7:30. And let me tell you. I am NOT an early person. I can always sense someone trying to take my earphones off my ears. I thought quick and caught their wrist. "Dont you try me" i warned. It was Jason. Shirtless. Does this boy ever know how a shirt works. "Geez. Finally your awake."

    I didnt want to leave my bed so i whined until i was finally dragged out by my feet from my brother. When i finally got up i went to the bathroom i took a nice out shower and let my brown hair dry naturally giving it a wavy effect. I put on i sleeveless shirt with a dancing panda on it say 'Cant touch this.' My favorite. I then put on some black skinny jeans with some Jordans. Put on some Mascara and eyeline and were off. We had just enough time to get there to get checked in.

The car ride was silent since im the one always talking and i feel asleep across everyone's lap. Once we got to the airport i checked in and walked my way to the gates. I started walking away. I feelt like crying. I didnt want to leave but this is also my dream were talking about. 

   Thats it I cant take it. I turn around and start running to my mom giving her one last hug. Everyone joins the hug. "Dont worry mija" I hear  my dad say. "Remember you'll still see us... so it isnt the end off the world." My mom says. I knew she was right but what about my friends. I wont have time to visit them. I walked up to them and we all just bawl our eyes out. "Go before your left behind" i hear Nikki say with her voice all cracky. I nod. I walk back up to my suit cases and give one last look at them. Before i walk onto the plane. 'SEAT BELT ON FOR TAKEOFF' says the pilot. I do everything and fall asleep for the long ride. 




"Ma'am were here" the flight attendance tells me. I didnt need to my belt on since i never took it off since i was asleep. Same old me:D. I get of the plane and look for a sign with my name. Jennifer Carter. Nope. Leah Johnson. Nope. Yasmine Martinez.Thats me. I walk up to the driver " Are you Jasmine?" he asked. "Its Yazmine" i relpy. "My apology uh.. Yazmine" "It okay". I guides me to a taxi put my luggage in it. And were of to acadamy.




"Were Here" The driver says happily. "Finally" i get out the cab. Get my luggage out and the Principle is there waiting for me. I look around it looks kind of like a regular academy. Not rich like. Good cause i Hate snobby people. "Ahh Yazmine Finally you have arrived." "Hello" i say with my shy voice which is kind of low. She guides my to my class to her office. "Well first of all, Welcome to Londons Dance academy.. Now first we shall send you to your house with your roommate. You to are in the same class. So you wont get lost. Now i noticed that you still are in school so you will have even and odd days." "okay.." "Now on even days you come to this school and on odd days you go to High school which is called Farbor High school. Its not to far so you could walk. Now for your house wit your room mate. Every student is given a thousand dollars to decorate their room since it will be your new home and we want you to be comfortable. So here you go the cab is waiting outside for you". That alot to keep in mind. I just want some food. And a bathroom. "Okay thank you." i say and walking out the school. 



I get out the cab. And see my new home. 1 story with a nice porch and a swing. Comfy. I get my key. and walk in. "Hello anybody home??" I ask hoping not for a guy with a chainsaw and a make pop out. I then see a girl with brown fluffy pretty hair. She was fit. I could tell she liked hip hop from her outfit. It was cute. "Hi you must be my roommate.' I nod and shake her hand. "I'm Danielle but you can call me Dani." Nice name. I always like that name. "Im Yazmine and my name is to long to say so just call me Yaz." she laughed. I could tell this is gonna be a nice place to live in.



XX. HIIIII...Like it...No...Maybe so...Yes...Telll MEEE!

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