Music is our Language

Yasmine Natalie Garcia Martinez. Long Name right. Instead they call me Yaz. They always told me when i was little "Dream what you wish for you shall have the opportunity to grab it and live it" And thats what i did but ended getting more! A true Love. Niall James Horan.


1. Meeeee :D

HIIII!! My name is Yazmine Natalie Martinez Garcia. Long name so they call me Yaz. I'm from the Mexican streets of Mexico. But live in the swagg city of Atlanta. I have brown Bipolar Hair so one day its straight and the next its wavy. You might find it weird but i have purple eyes. Akward....I'm one of the best dancers you can meet here in Atlanta. And it all started in my garage and still in my garage. But im not a girly ballerina if thats what your thinking. In fact I HATE heals. I broke my arm once with them! I'd rather wear a dress with sneakers or flats than with heals. I'm a bit more Tomboy than girly but still am girly at times. Anyways enough about me. I live with my Mom , Dad, and big brother Javier. He is also a dancer and a good one too. But he works as a doctor. He didn't want to be one but he had no choice. But he is a very young doctor. At age 19 that's one of the youngest. Anyways thats me . Oh and did i mention I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!SOOO MUCHHH

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