Story starts

These are some fun story starter that anyone can use either as an exercise or as inspiration.

Happy writing!


1. The Tower

     There is one window in my tower, it looks out onto a beautiful forest. The tower is less simple to explain, Mother Gothel says it is larger on the inside then on the outside, I would not know seeing as I have never been out of it my self. The rooms are consistently changing which keeps it from being too dull. The only rooms that are always there are, my room, the kitchen, a small bathroom, and the library. Sometimes a room appears that is full of interesting costumes, another time one full of art. I cook for myself and there is always food in the kitchen. Mother Gothel used to live with me but when I grew old enough she left and visits every Tuesday. I do not know what she does while she is gone, I asked her once but she pretended not to hear me. She usually does that when I ask questions.

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