Lost and Found (Liam Payne fanfic)

Nicole and her sister Jamie have been sold as a slave since their mother died and their dad didn't want them anymore. Being sold one day they were separated. Will they ever reunite? Who bought Jamie and who bought Nicole?


1. Sold


Hey!  I’m Nicole, 16 years old and my sister Jamie, who’s 5, and I have been sold at several slave auctions since my mother died and my father didn’t want me anymore.  I have been sold 16 times and Jamie has been sold 5times.  We are only sold in pairs though (thank god.  I don’t know what she would do without me).  The owners posses us for 1 year then we are carried off in a dog-cage to the next auction.  I got up at 5 in the morning, like usual and walk upstairs to clean the floors, wash the dishes, and make breakfast.  “Slave!  Upstairs now!” my owner commanded.  I obeyed him and trudged up the staircase into his bedroom.  I sadly was raped again, Jamie has never been soiled and I won’t let it happen to her.  Today was the last day here, I was sold again.  Master put me and Jamie in a crate, and put him in his truck driving to the auction.  We were aloud to wear nothing but a bra, underwear and robe.  Placed in a different room with the other girls, potential buyers looked at us and left.  One man came up to our kennel though.  A brunette male, looked about 18 and trustworthy.  But I trust no one.  During the auction my box was opened but they only took out Jamie.  My little sister was going to be without me!  “Nicki!” Jamie said clinging to me,  “Listen Jamie.  It’ll be okay,  I’ll find you and everything will be better” I kissed her forehead, “Go.. you’ll be okay.  I promise.”  I reassured her, even if inside I was dying.  Once she was gone I couldn’t handle it.  I broke the lock and ran out tackling the man who took her away from me.  I was being beaten senseless, I was going to die, and if I didn’t here and now it would be soon of famine.  Suddenly a bell rang, meaning someone bought her, Jamie was gone forever now.  I looked into the crowd, the winner was the brown haired man who looked us over before.  I boiled inside.  Another bell rang.  I was sold to the brunette again.  He took us away in a cage and put us back into a car, but this time it was a limousine.  “Hello.” his british accent was thick, just like his muscles.  ‘He could knock me out in one punch if I disobeyed him.’ I thought.  “What’s your name?” he asked Jamie with a smile,  “Jamie” she barely whispered, “And you?” “Nicole.  Who are you?” I demanded.  “Liam.  I’m sorry for buying you, but I’m going to take care of you and I won’t hurt you.” Liam touched my hand, and I flinch, but my face relaxes when I pull my hand back.  “Excuse me?” Jamie asked, “Will you hurt us?” an expression of worry cascaded over her facial features.  “Uh...well....” he paused.

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